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The products you put out are not in question, I use them, will continue to use them, and they are great. My skepticism is that digital "reproduction", because let's face's a code to simulate the harmonics and what not...can not be 100% just like the hardware. If this were honestly true, ALL hardware companies would be out of business by now...
Hardware companies won't go out of business because people don't want to believe what their ears are telling them. It really is as simple as that. Just like how a woman wants a real Louis Vuitton purse over a good/authentic fake one. Or why people buy Nike shoes even though other companies make better shoes.

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As for the VTM, yes, I like it and use it very much, but tape AFTER the fact, is not the same as recording TO the tape...there just has to be a difference...but I get your passion, and I appreciate your passion, but the "100% accurate" statement is very bold..
I agree with this and said it from the beginning when VTM was announced. Simulating the sound of a high quality D/A converter audio signal fed to a tape machine and then fed back into a high quality A/D converter is what VTM does. It's the closest a lot of us/the vast majority of us will get to recording directly to tape, due to budget constraints. If your converter sounds good VTM should sound very close though. Since I don't have access to a Studer machine and because my clients don't have the money to pay for a tape reel and expense for me to rent one, VTM is more than good enough for me.