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Ha.. why would there be a difference? When you record to tape, you have a line output that gets recorded to it. With digital, this line ouput is captured transparently by an A/D converter. Our emulation applies the effect to this signal just as it does in the real world. So that is why when we split the sound of a microphone into the real tape machine and to the converter using the VTM, people could not distinguish a difference.

Again, there is no magic voodoo to sound. What we hear can be explained, rather easily now. Do you love the sound of a Neve mixer? There are no fairies in that thing, I've looked! It's harmonics, dynamic frequency response, saturation, and crosstalk to name but a few things. And when you recreate these digitally, it is no different than when the circuit creates them.

Thanks for your post, it's good to have this discussion.

The difference between recording to tape and VTM, is that the ORIGINAL source is recorded to tape...what VTM does, is adds what tape would have given the source but AFTER it's already recorded. I believe choices in EQ, mic position or what not are made based on how the source sounds and interacts coming off the tape head..what we are doing with VTM is just adding only a portion of the warmth and dynamics of tape I think. With real tape, there is no HAVE to record to it. Now, if you are saying that I can record through VTM with no latency and then it sounds like real tape, I can see your point. I personally haven't tried that, but I know of a lot of people who do it via the UAD platform and the Apollo...because of the latency or lack of latency issues.

Besides, Tape offered more separation between tracks more so that any DAW I have now it brings a question to mind...does VTM replicate the actual track separation from a 24 track stack, and a 16 track stack? Maybe a later incarnation of VTM can have consecutive tracks, where each new instance of VTM will have the next track on the 24 trk machine? Not sure if this would make any difference.

I appreciate your feedback, and you taking the time to answer the questions..As I said, I am a fan, and don't mean to bash anything you do, just want to really get some clarification.