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Hi folks. I had a meeting with the programming team today. To be transparent, the VMR still has quite a bit of work. This is not just a plugin, but a platform. We are finalizing the entire architecture including the automation, the graphic implementations, preset handling, licensing, automation, and there are still a few minor tweaks of the algorithm happening because as I have said, this will be 100% authentic to the hardware and I will prove that yet again with A/B testing.

So, in an effort to break away from the classic Slate history of saying "soon" and then it's not the case, I will say that without any major unforeseen issue, we're looking at another 8 weeks or so. I apologize if this news is disheartening to some, but it is the necessary time needed to ensure that the VMR is the modern day classic that I intend it to be. I can promise you that:

- the emulations will be dead on
- it will work great
- it will be extremely affordable
- it will have 5 modules and the fifth surprise module is really incredible

So with that, I hope you all have a great day.

Come on man, end of june ? You wanna ruin our summer or what ?! I thought I would enjoy some sun this year. Nope, seems I'll be mixing in the bunker .

Just kiddin', hope it will kick ass heh !