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You could try "self tapping" screws..screws that cut their own thread.
Oh god no, don't do that - the fastening isn't that strong and it will ruin it for anything else. Self-tapping screws are meant to go into an unthreaded drilled hole, using them as connectors is a terrible idea. Sorry Macky, but a solution that damages the gear is not IMHO a good solution. OP might want to seel the gear in the future, or indeed right now.

OP, you say you have big-box stores in your town, I presume a home depot or Lowes. You should be able to find a callipers there in the tool section, which is a small device like a sliding ruler for measuring the dimensions of holes. If not look on amazon, it's a handy thing to have and cheap. You may get lucky with the home improvement store's screw selection, Home Depot has a huge selection and you could get ones that are a bit too long and cut them down with a Dremel tool. Failing that, measure the diameter of the hole and probe the interior depth using a cocktail stick and then get the screws you need on Amazon or a specialty electronics supply site like Mouser.