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Old 12th April 2014
I'm Screwed (Missing screws from rack gear)

This is a long shot, but I've had no luck with the manuals, online research or at the local hardware stores. I'm hoping someone here will know what the standards are for the following small screws in terms of size or thread count:

1. EMU 1u rack ear connectors (for Mo'Phatt, Orbit, etc., series).
I have one of these and have the rack ear pieces, but not the small screws that attach the rack ears to the unit.

2. Rack tray attachment for Kurzweil Micropiano
These are the small mounting screws that fit holes on the bottom of the unit to attach it to a universal rack tray. I have an X5DR with small mounting screws, and they seem to be the correct size, but wrong thread count.

Does anyone know what these should be?