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Old 10th April 2014
Here for the gear

Mine hasn't gotten quieter in the last three years either, in fact more ringing. I find I can still enjoy music but I make sure I don't have extended exposure to loud volumes. I ruled out everything but noise-induced damage a long time ago.

TRT seems to be promising but I don't have the few thousand bucks for the hearing devices that mimic the sounds. I do find an .mp3 called "high frequency workout" or something like that from the free download here ( works well as my tinnitus, while nowhere near as high as it used to be, has come down to around 12~14kHz now...I wish it was still back up at 17~18kHz where it was when it first started, far less intrusive. Listening to the opening of Tubular Bells right now is torture.

Anyway, the .mp3 takes it down from very loud to a sizzle which gives me enough time to get to sleep and I always sleep with a fan.

For music enjoyment I find 5.1 music is best to cover up the tinnitus and let me hear nothing but music, but I still enjoy critical listening and my actual hearing is great...just hope one day I'll soon cue up a track and before the music starts I hear nothing but quiet. I do remember what listening to "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel on Super Audio CD used to sound like before this all started, magical.