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Originally Posted by stevep View Post
More Pics !!!heh

Place is looking nice

Did you fix the leak ?

Hi Steve,

It isn't fixed yet but the possible cause is identified. It's from a terrace above.

It's looking nice but nothing compared to your place!!!!
I found the thread about your studio construction a few days ago and I am digesting it thumbsup Great work! For what I've seen so far you did almost all the work, right?

I don't have much time to do it and I wasn't supposed to be doing it, but I couldn't wait any longer tutt
The guy that is going to build it told me that he had a lot of work and it would take some time to start it, and then I said to him "I don't start it myself because I don't have the tools to do it" and he said "no problem I'll loan you my tools meanwhile". And that's how I started doing it.

I'm doing it when I have some free lunch time and when I can from 1am till 4-5am (not a typo )