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What's in YOUR mic locker???

My list: Shure Sm7b Shure Sm57 Sennheiser MD21 Telefunken TD26 Golden Age Project R 1 MKII x2 Golden Age Project TC 1 Line Audio Cm3 x2 On my wish list: Neumann U47 Telefunken ELAM 251 Sennheiser 441 AKG 414 Coles 4038

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the best hardware tape emulation

...but great ribbon/dynamic such as Beyer M160/260/320 or one of the fabulously modded Reslos by Xaudia, or even a well-working Sennheiser MD21 or one of the many cheap and wonderful Electrovoices, and save for the classic i lust for... by the way no there is no mic except RCA77 that sounds like an RCA77,...

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Modern day RE55?

They still make the RE50, with standard or Neodymium magnets and long or short handle. The Sennheiser MD21 is much flatter, though, at least on paper.

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