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Closed Studio Headphones with Up to 32dB of Ambient Noise Attenuation


Best mixing headphones!

...on those white ear-buds Apple gives out with all iPhone/iPad/iPod or (insert iGadget here) I can't speak for Sennheiser past the HD 380, but I always hear good reviews from "big name engineers" about the HD 600.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...Korg Wavedrum UAD: 2 x Apollo 8 Duo, Satellite Quad, Satelite Octo Mics: Røde K2, SM57, SM58 Presonus Faderport, Yamaha HS80M, Sennheiser HD-380 Pro Macbook Pro with too many plug ins. Dell 34 inch wide monitor.

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Question about Seenheiser hd280 pro

...headband. So it's not comfortable for long-term listening. If you still want closed headphones (to still keep isolation), I'd go with HD 380 Pro. Those are much more comfortable and also sounds more natural than 280 to me. However if so high isolation won't be necessary, I'd opt for open headphones. You'd get much more natural...

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