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The V3 is a rugged dynamic workhorse fit for absolutely any voice or instrument.


Budget Dynamic Microphones

...they're going for a word-of-mouth marketing strat. Other viable options (requiring an interface) are the Shure SM48, ATR2100, and se V3 (I have not used FYI, this is based on what I'm hearing/reading). For USB mics meaning you don't need an interface, popular budget models include the Samson Meteor ($50ish) and CAD U37...

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

The GS curse, always more gear to buy. I have a few dynamics I like for my voice, especially my isk ICDM. Lets me get that deep croon going with plenty of top end to keep the detail. I use it in the studio pretty often, an absolute steal for $30. Definitely want an sE...

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What's the best SM57 alternative under $200?

SE V3 and it's very cheap. Shot out 7 mics in a store recently on vocals and my voice suited the SM57 and the V3. At less than half price i went for it. Its sounded very similar to my ear, like 3% off.

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