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This mic is the ultimate combination of solid state performance and versatility. Based on the chassis and feature spec of the acclaimed 4400a, but with the highly specialised capsule of the original Titan, it delivers full and perfectly balanced mid and low frequencies, while its Titanium capsule produces un-hyped but ultra-detailed HF response.*It is thus ideally suited for percussive recordings, including studio use for drums (and of course percussion), picked guitar, hammer action on piano, kick drum, slap bass etc.*More, it is the ideal broadcast mic for spoken word; since the intelligibility of any speech recording comes with good definition of HF (the percussive elements of speech such as ‘p’ and ‘t’ sounds), it is especially important for any mic used to deliver great HF response. However, simply hyping the HF with an EQ bump can cause the sound to be sibilant and harsh sounding. The T2 delivers perfectly balanced HF response due to its very fast HF transient response, giving exceptional intelligibility without the hype.*Perfect for percussion, perfect for spoken word.sE Electronics T2 Microphone Specifications Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Sensitivity: 28mv/pa-31 ± 1dB Polar Pattern: Omni, Cardioid, supercardioid, Figure 8 Impedance: ≤ 50 Ohms Equivalent Noise Level: 14dB(A weighted) Max SPL for 0.5% [email protected] for 0.5%: 140dB minimum Power Requirement: Phantom power 48V±4V Connector: 3-pin


Advanced Audio Mics - Anyone have any experience?

...CM67se in figure 8 and vocal is the CM251, also in figure 8. The nylon "lead" guitar is an sE T2 in cardioid and rooms were Octave MC012 omni ORTF (which I know isn't true ORTF. The Play & Player | Sara Quah

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AKG C414EB clones?

There's the AA mic mentioned, and you should listen to the sE T2. Its got a really smooth, extended high end from the teflon capsule. I don't think there were attempting a 414EB, but they do have similar attributes. The bod of the mic is like a 414, and it make...

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Looking for Vocal mic for Female lead vocals in home studio Canada the LCT441 would be around $530 CAD before tax and shipping. You can find a used sE Electronics T2 for around $450 CAD though, but it's a very flat mic. The Lewitt LCT 441 has a certain airyness that's inspired by the older C414s I think, but still its own sound which...

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