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Coming soon on patchpool: Transformed Reality for MXXXCore
Old 27th May 2016
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Software Coming soon on patchpool: Transformed Reality for MXXXCore

I just released my first expansion for MXXXCore (MeldaProduction). What a ride!

Transformed Reality for MXXXCore (MeldaProduction) contains 114 creative patches including 24 variations for transforming your sonic reality. From granular soundscape-generators to animated gates and dancing filters, from ethereal texture-izers to dark and brooding drone-makers, from warped spaces and tempo-synced delay patches to creamy unison pad-ifiers, from granular stutter mayhem to beautiful harmonic ambiences, whatever reality you feed into these presets will be transformed in a very musical, interesting and useful way, occasionally creating bizarre and surreal sounds you might not have heard before.

All patches are programmed 100% wet, so they can be inserted on a buss (or bus, the spelling seems to be undecided here) and have between 4 - 16 labelled Macros assigned which are accessible on the "easy"-page in MXXXCore, often the Macros and switches are sorted in panels. The presets are fully tagged and have more or less elaborate descriptions attached which can also be found in the patch-list below.
Please refer to the system requirements to learn which effect modules were used to create these patches (and are needed to use them). These patches will of course also work in the full version of MXXX.

You can view/download the PDF for Transformed Reality with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including descriptions for each patch here.

  • *114 patches (including 24 variations)
    *Installation: manual
    *Delivery: e-mail attachment
    *Price: € 33 EUR

Patch Categories
  • *TR Morph - Vocoder (12 + 3 variations)
    *TR Rhythmical (26 + 4 variations)
    *TR Soundscapes (29 + 10 variations)
    *TR Spaces (23 + 7 variations)

MXXXCore system requirements:
  • *MAutoDynamic EQ
    *MMultiBand Bit Fun
    *MMultiBand Chorus
    *MMultiBand Comb
    *MMultiBand Convolution
    *MMultiBand Delay
    *MMultiBand Granular
    *MMultiBand Harmonizer
    *MultiBand Ring Modulator
    *MMultiBand Wave Shaper
    *MMulti Band Reverb
    *MStereo Spread


All demos were produced using only effects provided by the patches from Transformed Reality. Only one demo uses additional effects (Linda's Stumble).

all my MXXX video experiments can be found in this playlist, some tutorials are also planned.


Product page.

Thank's for reading

Simon Stockhausen

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Old 30th May 2016
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Three instruments (rhodes/bass/drums) processed by 2 presets from Transformed Reality - demo starts very dry, then the 2 instances of MXXX fade in (dry/wet Macro).


EDIT (later)

Here comes a video for a new patch - Morphing Morph - morphing a solo cello line (VSL Solo Strings XT) with one of my Phonem sounds (and vice versa), there is an A/B-switch on the easy-page which lets you swap carrier/modulator, MUnison is involved, some FM modulation in the mixer module, warped reverb/delay, plenty of modulation going on, just watch the video.

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Old 7th June 2016
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Morphing a female voice melody with one of my ArcSyn patches using a fresh MXXX preset from Transformed Reality, lane 2 adds MTransform pitch shifting and filter modulation, lane 3 adds reverb/delay/chorus. Tweaking the Macros on the easy page on the fly, video starts dry introducing the 2 sources (carrier/modulator) without any FX.


EDIT (later):

Three instruments improvising some smooth jazz processed by the same instance of MXXXCore using a fresh preset from Transformed Reality, a 2-band setup with modulated harmonics (dynamic eq), stereo action, feedback looping, delay/convolution reverb in band 1 and filtering/chorussing/delaying in band 2 - most of the 7 modulators and all delays are tempo-synced.


EDIT (later later)

Processing Reaktor Skrewell ensemble textures with MXXXCore using a preset from Transformed Reality, the atonal sounds produced by Skrewell are tuned with Zynaptiq's PitchMap before they reach MXXX.


EDIT (much later)

Here comes a stutter-glitch-beat made with a single preset from Transformed Reality processing a simple drum beat in 3/4 (Groove Agent/Colliding World sounds) and a Chrompahone 2 pluck (from my upcoming soundset Resonantia), a 2-band setup with plenty of modulation for grain freeze, synced grain length, delay, wobble filter and more. Pure fun...demo starts dry, then MXXX fades in (->wet/dry)


EDIT (too late):

Something rather heavy:
Processing some electronic drum hits (Tremor) and some industrial sounds from my Groove Agent Expansion Colliding Worlds (Steinberg) with a single MXXXCore preset from Transformed Reality, tweaking the Macros live on the fly. Video starts very dry, the industrial sounds come in a little later.

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Old 16th June 2016
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Here is another patch using audio morphing (and other things), morphing a flute phrase with a cello flageolet texture, some notes were adjusted in Melodyne - demo starts dry playing only the main and the side-chain input in parallel, then MXXXCore fades in, then tweaking the Macros on the fly live on video. Rather dark and surreal...

Old 22nd June 2016
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Here is another Vocoder patch from TR - vocoding/granulating/delaying/filtering a pad texture (Kaleidoscope/ArcSyn) with a beat (Falcon/Zebra/Groove Agent/Tremor), tweaking the Macros on the fly. Demo starts dry displaying the pad source and then the beat, then MXXX fades in (wet/dry).


EDIT (later)

Demo for a fresh preset from Transformed Reality, processing a rhodes/string impro - demo starts dry, then MXXX fades in (wet/dry) - automating several Macros on the fly for chorus rate/feedback (the latter creating the occasional self-resonating feedbacks), volume of stereo spread module and volume of delay/reverb combo.



Audio-morphing reversed female gibberish with one of my Iris soundscapes, also on board is a formant filter with it's resonance modulated by an envelope follower, MUnison, reverb and transposed grains with filtering (post reverb) inside a feedback chain. Tweaking the Macros live on video, quite amazing what variety of sound can be created with a setup like this.



Processing some acoustic guitar loops from my sound library Ambient Strings (Falcon/MachFive) and rhodes improvising (Lounge Lizard) with a fresh preset from Transformed Reality - this preset combines 2 different types of chorus, synced delays, reversed tempo-syced granular synthesis (grain length -> 1 bar) and filter/filter drive/amplitude modulation. If you play a quick descending scale it comes back as an ascending one, fun...

Track starts totally dry:

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Old 29th June 2016
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An fresh preset from Transformed Reality processing a simple sequence of octaves/fifths (Rhodes and Kalimba sound) plus some guitar swells, this preset combines MUnison (harmonizing enabled), MGranular, MWobbler, delay and convolution FX. Demo starts totally dry, then MXXX fades in (wet/dry).



This one is totally out there:

Processing some female vocal portato accents (octaves) with an MXXXCore preset from TR (2 bands, granular synthesis+warped spaces in each band, morphing band crossovers), demo starts totally dry:



Processing some simple synth accents (Falcon) with a fresh preset from TR which uses MTransform (frequency shifter) as it's main processor plus some detuned delays in lane 2. Plenty of tempo-synced modulation going on, tweaking the Macros on the fly live on video. Video starts totally dry:



Here comes an acoustic guitar jam processed with 2 instances of MXXX, both use the same preset, as there is a follower modulator modulating the bandpass/wahwah cutoff in band 2, using 2 separate instances for bass and tapping line/solo lines sounded better, as the trigger levels would interfere otherwise.

I am well over 100 patches now including variations, started finalizing today, but there is still a lot of work to be done plus I just can't stop creating new patches, a second set for MXXX is bound to happen after this release.

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Old 5th July 2016
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Processing a bass sequencer (from my soundset Zebra 2nd Thoughts) a slap bass jam (Scarbee) and a simple beat with the preset Bass Sex from TR.

Preset description from the PDF, also stored in the info box of the preset:

Two filters with tempo-synced filter action in lane 1/2 (Over-X 24/formant filter with tempo-synced change of formant type), tempo-synced delays with volume automation and pitch shifting in lane 2 and a sub-bass enhancer in lane 3. Each component has it’s dedicated volume control on the easy page.
Video starts dry.


EDIT (3 days later):

Processing an e-bow impro played with one of my Padshop Pro patches with a finalized preset from TR using a 2-band setup combining granular synthesis/harmonizing/filtering/distortion/reverb.

From the PDF:

In the lower band a harmonizer adds octaves and perfect fifth below the input signal, a diffusion filter, a reverb and feedback module are processing the signal further, control feedback delay, filter saturation and reverb mix with the Macros in column 2. In the upper band pitch-quantized grains are processed by a convolution reverb, set grain size/reverb mix/band 2 volume with Macros 1-3, set band limit with Macro 4.
Demo starts dry.

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Old 11th July 2016
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Processing some brass swells (VSL) layered with a pad Zebra) with 2 instances of MXXXCore, each one using a different preset from TR with frequency shifting, ring modulation and other stuff.

EDIT (later):

Stepping though 3 presets from Transformed Reality using a guitar sound layered with a simple pad as audio input, tweaking the Macros on the fly.

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Old 16th July 2016
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Processing a mixed choir recording from a music theatre project with 2 instances of MXXXCore routed in serial using presets from TR, pitch transformation/ring modulation with 2 side-chain oscillators/granulator in the 1st instance, reverb/delay/unison in the second instance. Video starts dry, tweaking the Macros on the fly.



Processing an english horn impro (VSL XT) with an MXXXCore preset from Transformed Reality (harmonizer / granular synthesis / waveshaping / filtering / reverb / delay), automating some of the Macros, also the one which is controlling the harmonizer scale transposition, so it fits with the notes played by the english horn.

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Old 21st July 2016
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Processing a simple groove (Tremor/Groove Agent) and a synth bass jam (Zebra) with 3 instances of MXXXCore using 3 tempo-synced presets from the “Rhythmical“-category, one of the MXXX instances is exciting a Kaleidoscope preset from the patchpool subscription series, which is reverberated by 2CAudio B2 and fed back into one MXXX instance. The other 2 instances are muted/faded in/out on the fly.

I can see a bright light at the end of the TR tunnel - only 12 patches to finalize, jeez what a ride, it's almost like making Alchemy patches, all those Macros and descriptions and sounds and patches and the leveling and perfectionism and whatnot...glad I did it, I have presets for years to use now and can't stop making new ones anyway....



Most probably the last audio demo for this expansion - enough is enough.

Processing slow, looped percussion accents and a simple synth line with the preset “Granular Machine XT“.

Patch description:

Complex setup using 2 granulators with tempo-synced grain length, one of them (lane 1) processing the audio input, the other (lane 3) processing the mixed signal from the input and the feedback loop, a pitch sequence can be applied to voice 1 in granulator 2 by activating the switch in column 1, the volume of the second voice in granulator 2 (tuned up a perfect fifth) can be controlled with a Macro , the grains in granulator 1 can be reversed with a switch. 
After passing a dual filter (BComb/BP - use the purple Macros in column 2 to control filter mix/modulation range/resonance/filter drive of the BP filter) which is feeding the feedback module in lane 4, the signal from lane 1 is routed to a waveshaper with tempo-synced accents in lane 5 which is processed by a harmonizer in granular mode, use the red Macros to increase the volume of the shaper and to raise and scatter the harmonizer signal. 
Finally the signal is routed through an FX chain in lane 6 (compressor/reverb/delay/MUnison), use the blue Macro in column 3 to control dry/wet mix in lane 6.

There is also another version of this preset which does things like in this video (from February this year):

Back to work...

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Old 23rd July 2016
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This expansion has now been released, the specs in my firs post were updated accordingly.
Old 27th July 2016
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Stepping through the presets beginning with letter A from the “Spaces“ category - noodling around with a layered sound consisting of guitar/Rhodes/digital pad as audio input.

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