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PACKED WITH 14GB OF CONTENT AND OVER 1,700 STUNNING PATCHES Compatible with Kontakt Player, GAMELAN weighs in at over 14GB and features a diverse library of 1,700 patches which are divided into the following categories: 421 Atmospheres (58 Bizarre, 97 Dark * Mysterious, 71 Electronic * Effectual, 87 Mixed Emotions, 28 Stingers, 79 World Organic) * 316 Instrumentals (55 Arpeggiated, 104 Organic, 74 Synth, 82 Traditional) * 322 Loops (84 Action Packed, 120 Electronic * Effectual, 51 Pop Hop, 56 World Organic) * 368 Percussives (31 Arpeggiated, 11 Hit Ensembles, 266 Impacts, 17 Traditional, 42 Transitions) 260 Multi Cores (34 Atmospheres, 71 Instrumentals, 53 Loops, 47 Percussives The following 25 Balinese Gamelan instruments were recorded in 24 bit / 88.2kHz, then morphed and mutated to create the content for GAMELAN: Instrumental: Grantang, Jegogan, Jublag, Kajar, Kantilan, Kempli, Pemade, Penyacah, Reyong, Suling, Trompong & Ugal Percussive: Cedugan Wadon, Cedugan, Ceng Ceng, Gentorag Chime, Gong, Gupekan Wadon, Gupekan, Kempur, Klentong, Krumpungan Wadon, Krumpungan, Rebab & Vocalese


Music vs. sound?

Hehehe, try translating those (erhemm) "universal" twelve tones to two separate gamelan orchestras that do not even play in the same pitch - and actually not necessarily have the same intervals between notes... How about didgeridoos? Not music? As for your wonderful elaboration on tonal resolutions, i ask (again) how that applies to a techno...

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Everything's ****, and I'm cynical

...are only so many ways to arrange 12 notes. But through that there was Gregorian, Bach, Mozart, Chinese opera, gamelan, delta blues, 12 tone rows, bebop, swing, hip hop, punk, fusion, Brazilian, Cuba, marching band and military music, folk of countless cultures, musicals of the 20s, 30s, 40s etc, Metal and it’s vario sub...

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What is your favourite synth?

...against Mr. Alias Pro. I love my Prophet 6, but it’s even better when it’s accompanied by a gamelan bell ensemble patch in Omnisphere. I love ArcSyn, but it’s even ArcSynier when it’s along side a wave sequence from my 002. Etc. Salt brings out the sweet. Then you’re cooking.

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