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Safe Sound Audio Stereo Toolbox

The Stereo Toolbox converts the Left/Right stereo into Mid/Side and then varies the relative levels of these to widen or narrow the stereo width, so no funny phase business going on. Even with M/S it can sound a bit strange on some material when going superwide, but used in moderation as a fine tune...

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Mixing & Mastering Tube compressor solution

...some, but as you fill it up, the overall cost goes down. Many choices in that format. For example, the SafeSoundAudio Stereo Toolbox looks great. I suggest you do a search in the forum above (So little time, so much gear...) Accidentally, there's a FMR RNC for very little money in the second hand shop of...

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

anyone mentions BX-XL2? (CBA to read 180 pages!) It's the closest I can get to my SafeSound Stereo Toolbox in a plugin..amazing M/S limiter (yes, I know the safesound is a compressor not strictly a hard limiter like XL) Brainworx are wizards, as are Fabrice @ Slate and Urs and the team @ U-He..IMO Waves are...

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