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The SF-1 is an ultra-compact, monaural ribbon microphone, exhibiting flat frequency response and a well-balanced, panoramic soundfield. The SF-1 has superb transient response due to its ultra low-mass 1.8-micron ribbon assembly. Frequency response is excellent regardless of the angle of sound striking the ribbon, and off-axis coloration is negligible. The heart of the SF-1 is its proprietary cross-field ribbon transducer. Comprised of four powerful Neodymium magnets and Permendur iron pole-pieces, the cross-field design assures the shortest front-to-rear ribbon path length for best high frequency response. The case is fashioned from ingot iron and forms the magnetic return circuit, an effective system with low leakage flux which accounts for the relatively high sensitivity in a trim package.


AEA R84 vs. Royer R-121

...a somewhat more present in your face sound, the R121 is a better choice. Also, it seems the Royer SF-1 is often overlooked. This is quite the incredible sounding ribbon, it's like an "accurate" version of the R84 (to put it in basic terms), where the R84 is presenting something that is...

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soundfield mic for stereo application

"no real figure-of-eight mic will have such accurate polar patterns over almost the entire frequency range" Don't underestimate the imaging of an imperfect figure-8 such as an Sf-1 or Schoeps 8. Personally, I would choose these over the Soundfield offerings (which are also valid and good sounding).

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MS mixed marriages side mic with a variety of different mid mics, mainly Sonodore 65, SE VR-1, Schoeps 8, Schoeps 21, Royer sf-1, Sennheiser 8050, and Sennheiser 800 set to wide cardioid. I found that if I used a side fig 8 mic with more bass response, the room sound of the recordings sounded less natural. The main audible...

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