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The Royer R-10 is a passive mono ribbon microphone designed for use in the studio and on live stages. Hand-built in our Burbank California factory, the R-10’s sound and performance are all-Royer and it handles SPLs of up to 160 dB @ 1 kHz. The R-10’s compact size and mounting system allows for flexible, unobtrusive positioning. The R-10’s 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon element is formed with our our patented direct-corrugation process and is protected by a 3-layer windscreen system and internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer. The ribbon transducer is wired for humbucking to reject electromagnetically induced noise. The R-10’s built-in windscreen provides superior protection from air blasts and plosives. It also reduces proximity effect (bass buildup from close miking) so guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments can be close-miked with less bass buildup. The R-10’s internally shockmounted ribbon transducer isolates the ribbon element from shocks and vibrations, increasing the ribbon element’s durability. The R-10 utilizes a David Royer custom designed transformer for high overload threshold, minimizing saturation at even extremely high sound pressure levels. You’ll never overload an R-10! The mic’s open grill design minimizes standing waves and associated comb-filtering effects and its smooth frequency response, phase linearity and lack of self-distortion make it ideal for all digital recording and live sound formats.


Good mic choice for dark female voice?

...figured its a nice opportunity to get a good mic that suits her "vintage" voice. On-line I've been fancying the Royer R-10, JZ V-11, Studio Projects CS5, ADK Thor, SHURE KSM32 and Miktek Mk300 , but really, there's like a million trillion billion great mics at this price range! Also, I mostly use my RE320...

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Recording with nothing but Ribbons?

I've done: M160 guitar cab BIV1 x2 (Royer 121 clone-ish) on overheads M160 snare top Royer R10 kick out Royer R10 vocals (female) Bass DI Sounds dark and smooth, needed a fair amount of high shelf to everything, but all those mics take EQ really well. Wouldn't really work for hard rock genres, but for folk/rock/rootsy stuff, it went...

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What's your favorite kick drum mic?

Depends. AKG D12E for vintage/all arounder Audix D6 for modern/metal Royer R10 for kick out blended with MD421 kick in for tone shaping/flexibility

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