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Which drum machines do you own? on, im just gonna list the name of my drum machines without brife description. Roland CR5000, CR8000,TR505, TR606, TR626, TR707, TR727, MC505, CMU800 (often compared with 606, which i couldnt agree. SCI Drumtraks Mattel synsonics : love the sound. Wish it had midi or just dinsync. Yamaha MR10, ED10 (similar to Boss PC2), Ternori-On (midi clock is...

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Dust Covers for Synths and Drum Machines | Stardust

...transmitted through them. At the moment the models available are: Juno 6, Juno 60, Odyssey MkI, Odyssey MkII, DMX, DX, Jupiter 4, TR-707, TR-727, TR-808, Drumtraks, Prophet 5, Mono/Poly, Minimoog Model D. And some models coming soon: Jupiter 8, Jupiter 6, Juno 106, MS-10, MS-20, Polysix, Andromeda, SH-101, etc, and some for newer models as well.. Different designs...

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Tr8S controlling a Juno-60 Via assign out 6, the Tr8s triggers the arpeggio in of my Juno-60 with its own beat on the RC channel ( the rythmic pattern can be heard at 2'15", rim shot sound that I can't mute of the mix out ??? ) TR707 samples used on the TR8S ;

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Product Description

A very underrated drum machine! It resembles the popular TR-909, and better yet, its hi-hat, cymbals, and clap sound almost identical to the TR-909! The TR-707 is a great source for cheap 909 samples. It has some other cool features too such as its Matrix display which clearly maps out your pattern for you in an easy to read display panel. It also features both MIDI in/out and DIN sync control - the best of both worlds. Why this unit even has individual outputs for each of its drum tones! For programming, it features a shuffle and flam effect and its programming abilities are very impressive. But it does have its limitations, the only adjustment you can make to each drum tone is volume. And all of its other drum tones are boring (especially ride, kick and snare).