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A cheap (budget) drum machine. It features 16 drum tones which unfortunately, are only mediocre samples. Its memory contains 48 patterns and 6 songs. Unlike its TR cousins it does not have individual drum tone outputs. There is no drum tone editing capability either. It does however feature extensive MIDI implementation, even the pads will transmit MIDI data. The 505 works well with a computer and sequencer or as a stand alone drum machine. It is extremely basic and unexciting but does make a good starter or play-along drum machine.


Which drum machines do you own?

Have now: TR-626 (3rd one) TR-707 (4th or 5th one) Machinedrum UWmkI Used to Have: TR-505 TR-606 TR-626 TR-707 TR-727 TR-808 TR-909 RY30 MFB-503 Oberheim DMX Korg ER-1 mkI & 2 RX11 Quasimidi 309 I'm sure there are more, but i can't remember.

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Drum machine combines LM-1, LM-2 Linndrum, Linn9000 and DMX

If anybody has a TR-505 (or if you don't, this is a good reason to pick one up cheap) you need to check out Harry Axten's TR-505 ROM Expansion. £35.00 delivered to anywhere in the world. Adds LM-1, DMX & LinnDrum kits to your machine. Killer deal, and he's a really nice guy.

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Roland hate

...THAT, loyal Roland customers!" That said, I've bought a ton Roland products in past decades: • αJuno-2: What UI? • TR-505: World's worst drum machine. • S-10 proprietary floppy-drive: Fail! • Fantom-X: Devastatingly frustrating sample-loading (needed to remember each sample used for each song). • Fantom-G: Fixed. • Fantom 2019: Finally something that looks like it came from this decade. •...

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