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SP-202 Dr. Sample MAXIMUM POLYPHONY 4 voices INTERNAL MEMORY Samples: 16 (2 banks) MEMORY CARD Samples: 16 (2 banks) Backup: 3(S2M-5 2Mb card), 7(S4M-5 4Mb card) SAMPLING FREQUENCY Hi-Fi: 31.25kHz Standard: 15.63kHz Lo-Fi1: 7.81kHz Lo-Fi2: 3.91kHz DATA FORMAT SP-202 Original Format SIGNAL PROCESSING AD Conversion: 16 bit DA Conversion: 16 bit NOMINAL INPUT LEVEL Input(mic):-60 to -30 dBm Input(line): -26 to +4 dBm INPUT IMPEDANCE 50k ohm (line) 2k ohm (mic) NOMINAL OUTPUT LEVEL Output (line): -10 dBm OUPTUT IMPEDANCE 2k ohm DISPLAY 7 segments, 3 characters (LED) CONNECTORS Headphone Jack (stereo miniature phone type) MIC Jack Line Out Jacks (L,R) Line In Jacks (L,R) MIDI In Connector AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9V) POWER SUPPLY DC 9V: Dry Batteries (LR6(AA)type) x 6 AC Adaptor (BOSS PSA-Series: Optional) CURRENT DRAW 200mA Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline-8 hours. These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. DIMENSIONS 145(W) x 221(D) x 83(H) mm 5-3/4(W) x 8-3/4(D) x 3-5/16(H) inches WEIGHTS 850 g / 1 lb 14 oz (including batteries) ACCESSORIES Owner’s Manual Dry Batteries (LR6(AA)type) x 6 Roland Service OPTIONS Smart Media (S2M-5, S4M-5) AC Adaptor PSA-Series * 0 dBm – 0.775 Vrms


More free stuff....let's do it again!

Hey all, I have a Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample and M-Audio Keystation 61es USB MIDI Controller I'll give to first person who PMs me. Also, I'm kind of desperately looking for an Apogee wordclock for the Mackie D8B... or if nothing else, the stock card... borrowing a D8B and it has neither so can't use it....

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Roland SP series comparison

...- None, 16 touch pads (not velocity sensitive) Control - MIDI IN/OUT, MMC, MTC, MIDI Clock 3) Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample: 2000 Specifications Polyphony - 4 voices Oscillators - None Sampler - 31.25kHz (hi-fi), 15.63kHz (standard), 7.81kHz (lo-fi), 3.91kHz (lo-fi 2); 32 to 260 seconds Sequencer - None Effects - Pitch, Filter, Resonant Filter,...

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Is anyone using old samplers today here?

man, i started with a 2-second "sampler" on a Gemini mixer, through the SP-202, SampleTrak, FZ-20m, S612, S-10/50, MPC's, E-mu, etc... don't try to tell me what i don't know or haven't done. what i do know is that the computer can be used however you want it to be. your inexperience/ignorance in that department...

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