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A very flexible oldie from Roland. Standard SH sound with lots more creative control and tweak-ability! The VCO's are a little different than traditional SH synths, they are syncable! There's also a mixer for all the audio signals which can be distorted for brash techno sounds. It's fun and easy to use but very powerful and perfect for screamin' techno sounds and effects! It features many new functions like an external audio input, a ring modulator, syncable VCO's, more waveform shapes, white/pink noise generators and sample+hold.


Any love for Roland SH-7?

...performance in an era when storing of patches or presets was not possible. i will probably get another one eventually. The SH7 unfortunately, even with some extra routing capability is absent of the bandpass filter that the SH5 had. Same goes for the system 100. they left it out of that mix also. How could...

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What's the most un-Gearslutty thing you've done

Sold my Minimoog, Prodigy, System-100, TR-808, TB-303, TR-606, TR-707, TR-909, Micromoog, Sonic Six, 5 Junos of every kind, SH-7, SH-09, SH-101 x 2, and my Moog System-15. I kept my Gaia.

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New Roland Jupiter X / XM

...though then mapping just a few key performance controls could be quite sufficient to allow live tweaking if you gig. The SH-7 is the one I want. Yes, and they announced the Fantom at $800 MORE. So clearly, they're looking at Jupiter as a flagship in a different product category.

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