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A very stripped down monosynth from Roland's classic SH-series. Its single oscillator only has PWM, ramp, square and noise waveforms. It has a similar architecture to the SH-101, the VCA can switch between gate or envelope, the VCF is pretty standard, and there is a sample-hold function which is great for voltage controlled filtering into acid and back! Another cool feature is its external input which will allow you to filter external audio through its VCF.


Roland SH-09, should i go for it?

I've ran on Roland SH-09 which was stored for the last 20 years! Cosmetically it's 10/10. What could i expect under the hood? I am testing it tomorrow, please let me know what should i pay attention on..

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...and Ebony/Ivory Feel (88 keys) RS-101 (61): Matsu****a SK-161 RS-202 (61): Matsu****a SK-161 RS-505 (49): Matsu****a SK-192 S-10 (49): Matsu****a SK-391 S-50 (61): Matsu****a SK-361 SH-09 (32): Matsu****a SK-132 SH-1 (32): Matsu****a SK-132 SH-1000 (37): Matsu****a SK-132 SH-101 (32): Matsu****a SK-331 SH-2 (37): Matsu****a SK-132 SH-2000 (37): Matsu****a SK-132 SH-3a (44): Matsu****a SK-142 SH-5 (44): Matsu****a SK-142 SH-7 (44): Matsu****a SK-142 System-100(M)(37): Matsu****a SK-132 System-700(61): Matsu****a SK-162 U-20 (61): Matsu****a SK-761 V-Synth(GT)...

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Behringer's K-2 (MS-20 clone) surfacing

well, tbh (A/ i'd rather have a creamier Prodigy than Rogue, but it was the one i got at the time) my real fallback thinking on this is that Boogs are out there, and i can get one sooner or later. a Rogue, i would never get now at the price i did back then...

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