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The S-760 is an affordably priced, full-featured professional sampler with outstanding sound quality in a single rack space. Internal RAM expandable up to 32 Mbytes using Macintosh SIMMs Video output, mouse control and digital I/O w/optional OP-760-01 Expansion Board Digital EQ programmable per output and input while sampling and during playback Reads the Akai S-1000 & S-1100 Sample Libraries Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor and XV-5080 128-Voice Synthesizer/Sample Playback Module.


SCSI for samplers, tips & solutions

...point. I have a CF drive just like that and a stack of cards that I use for a Roland s760 and an Akai s1000. Those two big SCSI ports on the back of your reader, one goes to the Roland, one goes to the Akai. Just hot swap the cards...

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Lets talk samplers!

...AFAIK, the JD-800 filters. It loads practically every vintage Roland sampler floppy format, S10, S50, S550, S700, S770, S760, W30, etc. It has a killer look. Nice big screen. Some interesting (no realtime) synthesis options. Sequential Prophet 2000: Monumental sound. Crap user interface. With the free editor, it´s a dream to use. Terratec EWS64XXL: Weird...

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SCSI2SD owners how do you make it work?

While it was possible to connect computers to samplers via SCSI and transfer samples between them, as far as I know, you're not supposed to connect more than one host (sampler/computer) to a SCSI chain. I assume it depends on the actual sampler models whether it works or not. The first and last device have nothing...

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