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The JD-990 is an enhanced version of the JD-800 and was the top o' the line JD-synth. Its rack-mount design and impressive power and functionality within the studio paved way for the hugely successful JV-series rack modules which lead, ultimately, to the XV-series monster-modules! The JD-990 is a digital synth with 6MB of ROM sounds with "analog-like" edit parameters and features. These include lowpass filtering, ring modulation, osc. sync, frequency cross-mod, etc. The JD-990 is also compatible with JV80 and JD800 expansion boards. The JD-990 has a large LCD display which makes editing very easy and intuitive, you can actually see the envelopes and LFO rates. There's an on-board multi-effects processor with Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Distortion, Chorus, and EQ. For the studio, the JD-990 has MIDI IN/OUT/THRU and eight outputs in four stereo pairs. The JD-990 can hold one internal expansion board and the best choice is to put the Vintage expansion in it because that gives you about 512 patches (Only 255 from JV-series!) of which 256 are specially programmed for the JD-990


Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...shelf. I do love the 32-voice Waldorf Q; it's the best sounding VA I found. Full set of JD-800 and JD-990 cards in the rack. The brick wallers are a D-50 I bought as a learning aid when trying to wield the two D-550's. There's also a AN1x that gets pulled out occasionally and a...

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The cult of Roland JD-990

...somewhere in deepest Essex), the JV-1080 was out and they had one for about the same cost as the JD-990. I tried both modules and even though the JV was newer, had more polyphony and took four expansion cards I couldn't get past my gas for the 990 (partially fuelled by a good review...

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Even with all the great modern synths available does a vintage synth still tempt you? Does vintage have to be analog? My JD800 is over 25 years old. So is my JD990. To me they're classics I'd never part with, but they're not analog and they're from the 90s. And they're not worth a fortune. Same goes for my D50, which I...

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