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The DEP-3 is a versatile effect that features three effects; Reverb, Delay and Nonlinear (=gate reverb that cuts the reverberation at a certain gate time) each having equalizing function. FEATURES -16 bit linear A/D/A convertion -28 bit internal arithmatic DSP -Dynamic range of 86dB -THD < 0.08% -Reverb (room, hall and plate) with different sizes and densities -2 types of plate reverb -Gated reverb using nonlinear mode -Delay mode -Built in three band equalizer -Memory storage up to 99 different effect settings -MIDI connection


Post your good recordings with "junk" gear

...machine (1/4" 8-track with dbx noise reduction), an akg c1000 mic, dbx 160xt and alesis microlimiter for compression, a roland dep-3 reverb. you can check out a full length mp3 as well as medley mp3 of the entire album, ardor, at: Love Spirals Downwards: Dreampop, Shoegazer, Ethereal band » Ardor

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MidiQuest 12 is finally out

...and working with MidiQuest 12 on Pro Tools (and occasionally Logic Pro X): Access Virus C/Indigo2 Korg Prophecy Behringer DeepMind 12D Roland JP-8080 Alesis Quadraverb Roland DEP-3 Roland JV-1080 Clavia Nord Lead (1) Novation MiniNova Novation Bass Station II If you end up purchasing my advice would be to first (if on a Mac) go to macOS's Audio MIDI Setup utility and name your MIDI...

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MKS80 rev 4 and 5

...just a shame the programmer doesn't have an arpeggiator on it... Also, they gel really well with my DEP-5 and DEP-3 processors, like the units where made for the synths, - sublime, a little noisy sometimes, but sublime.. ~ love to ALL, feel no hate ~

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