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City rumble is driving me crazy ... m/s shotguns the answer?

...already. As especially the less expensive shotguns have that LF rolloff, and the CMIT is more linear than an ME66, NTG-1, or 416, it won't help much. A true (dipole) fig-8 mic has a strong rolloff indeed, and I've used a KM120 successfully in a few situations involving rumble. However the strong rear lobe makes...

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Getting Choir Over The Band

Remember you need to understand the different nulls of any mic polar patterns. The patterns are named for the relative shape of their pickup patterns. Your concern is where they reject sound. This is where it is elpful to know the orientation of the mics relative to the loudspeakers and the distance between them....

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Newbies looking to record many actors in studio for audio drama out the money for that setup and I was thinking it would cost about $1,200. Mics x 3 shotgun Rode NTG-1 $750 USB audio interface with at least 3 inputs $350 Headphones - $100 Those are estimates, the rest comes with a studio space we plan on renting out.

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