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Spitfire Audio HZ03 - London Solos

Spitfire Audio HZ03 - London Soloists

Cinematic percussion at its best.

Slate Virtual Buss Compressors

Slate Digital VBC (Virtual Buss Compressors)

Three compressors and a bold claim from Slate Digital.

TC Electronic BMC-2

TC Electronic BMC-2

A great sounding front-end that doesn't break the bank!

User Reviews: 2    Views: 16,110 MONITORS


The latest incarnation of XILS-Lab's virtual modular synthesizer.

Flux Epure

Flux Epure v3

A classy equalizer plugin from Flux that stood the tests of time.

Metric Halo Channel Strip 3

Metric Halo ChannelStrip 3

A high quality channel strip for the most demanding users.

Tracktion 5

Tracktion Software Corporation Tracktion 5

A refreshing view on what a DAW should be.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 10,476 DAWS
Sample Logic HAVOC

Sample Logic HAVOC

A powerful and cutting edge cinematic percussion library from Sample Logic!

Beyer DT 990 Pro 250 Ohms

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Open dynamic headphone for studio applications.

DMG Audio  EQuilibrium

DMG Audio EQuilibrium

Is DMG Audio's new power tool the horse to beat when it comes to digital...

Elysia Museq Plugin

elysia museq Native Plugin

Elysia and Brainworx team up once again to bring us an interesting equalizer.

UVI Urban Suite

UVI Urban Suite

A toolbox for the modern hip-hop and electronic music producer.



Enter the stereo kingdom of rhythm and motion with this exciting new effects...

FabFilter Pro-MB

FabFilter Pro-MB

Multiband dynamics redefined.

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