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Eiosis E²Deesser

Eiosis E²Deesser V1

The Eiosis E²Deesser, a smart and well designed plug-in. Focused and powerful.

Five Fish Audio X-12

FiveFish Audio X-12

API Lunchbox preamp with the API sound, but not the price

Radial PowerPre

Radial Engineering PowerPre

Versatile 500 Series Microphone Preamp on the less expensive side.

Genelec 8250A

Genelec 8250A

Genelec's active DSP two way monitoring system. Excellent neutral and detailed...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 11,348 MONITORS
Forssell Technologies SMP - 500

Forssell Technologies SMP-500

A good clean pre for high end mics

BOSS Dr. Sample SP-303

Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample

BOSS's venerable box of sampling wonders.

No product image

Zoom Q3 HD

Review of the Zoom Q3 HD professional audio/video recorder.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,987
Five Fish X-72mk500

FiveFish Audio X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

A Lunchbox Pre that can compete with the others... at half the price!

Jbl lsr2325


A versatile entry level monitor

User Reviews: 2    Views: 5,862 MONITORS
Roland Octa-capture

Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

A very respectable audio interface with some great time-saving features

Universal Audio 2108

Universal Audio 2108

2 channels solid state microphone preamp

User Reviews: 1    Views: 8,339 PREAMPS
No product image

Vigier Indus

A hand-build super strat. Tight bass response and very smooth open presence

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,445
Jomox M-Resonator

Jomox T-Resonator

analog filterbox (awesome sounddesign machine)

TL Audio Fat Track

TL AUDIO Fat Track

Tube Productions Suite (Channelstrips, summing, monitor controller)

M-Audio NRV10

M-Audio NRV-10

NRV-10 Analog Mixer / Digital Firewire interface.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,077 MIXERS
Steinberg CC121 DAW controller

Steinberg CC121

A small single fader DAW controller for Cubase and Nuendo. Powerfull and very...

No product image

Vox AC30 CC1

Nice classic tone.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 10,671
No product image

Edirol PC-80 MIDI Controller & Audio Interface with Mic Preamp

The Edirol PC-80 is a 61-note MIDI controller with one-touch access to an...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,456
No product image

Karma Mics K-35-AFET


Native Instruments iMaschine

Native Instruments iMaschine

This is a sweet little MPC style beatmaker for iOS devices.

Black Lion Audio B12A

Black Lion Audio B12A

Black Lion Audio's take on the API 312A pre.

User Reviews: 4    Views: 24,841 PREAMPS
Akai MPC5000

Akai Professional MPC5000

Arguably the most powerful MPC to date.

Shure beta 57A

Shure Beta 57A

a handy utilitarian mic

Royer Labs R101

Royer Labs R-101

Ribbon Microphone Figure 8 pattern

Sequential Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

First of all I love this synth. It's the little synth that could as far as I...

SPL Track One

SPL Audio Track One

SPL Track One is a transparent sounding preamp with a de-esser,compressor and...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 8,092 PREAMPS
Zoom H1 Portable Recorder

ZOOM H1 Handy Recorder - Matte Black

Cheap and cheerful budget portable recorder, with better than expected sound...

User Reviews: 2    Views: 11,212 Recorders
Dynaudio Bm5p

Dynaudio BM5P

the passive version of the bm5a

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,895 MONITORS
112db Redline Reverb

112dB Redline Reverb

An extremely high quality, non-convolution reverb

AVID Mbox Mini

Avid Mbox Mini

A quick and easy way to do simple ADR, vocal and instrument work. 2 inputs, 2...

TC Electronic Konnekt24D

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

DSP powered firewire interface with 4in/4out, adat, spdif, midi.

No product image

AKG K141

Semi-open back studio headphones.

Universal Audio 8110

Universal Audio 8110

A review of the features and flexibility of the Universal Audio 8110 8-channel...

User Reviews: 2    Views: 10,811 PREAMPS
DPA 5100 mobile surround microphone

DPA Microphones 5100

Why DPA 5100 is a good mic for any serious sound designer.

No product image

Mesa/Boogie Mark V Amplifier (Head)

A review of the sounds and applications of Boogies long awaited Mark V Amplifier

User Reviews: 1    Views: 15,478
TC Electronic Polytune

TC Electronic Polytune

An overview of the new concepts behind the best new Guitar Tuner on the market

User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,628 FX UNITS
Ebow Plus
User Reviews: 2    Views: 9,522 FX UNITS
AT4022 Omnidirectional Microphone

Audio-Technica AT4022

A great budget mic, excellent sound quality for the price

SPL Model 2381 Monitor and Talkback Controller

SPL Audio MTC 2381

I bought this as a replacement for my Mackie Big Knob with the intention of...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,154 MONITORS
Apogee One

Apogee Electronics One for iPad & Mac

A pocket sized interface that is perfect for travel and demo production.

Bae 312a

BAE Audio 312A Single Channel Rackmount with PSU

Good fast punchy pre
No output knob

User Reviews: 2    Views: 5,208 PREAMPS
Novation Remote Zero SL

Novation Remote Zero SL

MIDI Controller for DAW's

Moog Voyager RME

Moog Minimoog Voyager RME

Moog Voyager RME is a very capable mono synth with a strong sound character of...

BuzzAudio ARC 1.1 Channel Strip

Buzz Audio ARC-1.1

Transparent and versatile.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,105 PREAMPS
Somatic Circuits VC-303

Somatic Circuits VC-303

Summary: Essentially the guts of a x0xb0x (w/o sequencer) TB-303 clone, fully...

SE/Rupert Neve RN17-SP

sE Electronics RN17 Stereo Pair

Part of the recent Rupert Neve Designs/Se Microphones collaboration, this is a...

No product image

Tritone Digital ClassicTone-PEV

Although I only recently came across Tritone Digital, I was immediately drawn...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,506
UAD Precision Limiter Plug-In
UAD Precision Multiband Plug-In

Universal Audio Precision Multiband Plug-in

Original UA Design Featuring Five Spectral Bands of Premium Compression,...

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