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Mbox 2 Mini

Avid Mbox 2 Mini

Compact, limited but useful audio interface compatable with Pro Tools

Motu 24 i/o


Can be a nice center of your studio with lots of analog I/O but without mic...

Presonus Firebox

PreSonus Firebox

A great card for the price.

Avid 003 Rack

Avid 003 Rack

I don't like this Avid 003 Rack.

Steinberg CI2

Steinberg CI2

A great first interface for beginners or a portable one for a seasoned pro

Apogee Duet

Apogee Electronics Duet - FireWire

High Quality Fire-Wire Audio Interface

E-MU 0404 PCI/PCIe

E-MU Systems 0404 PCIe

Great converters, flexible options with Patchmix DSP, weak effects, low price,...

Roland Octa-capture

Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

A very respectable audio interface with some great time-saving features

AVID Mbox Mini

Avid Mbox Mini

A quick and easy way to do simple ADR, vocal and instrument work. 2 inputs, 2...

TC Electronic Konnekt24D

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D

DSP powered firewire interface with 4in/4out, adat, spdif, midi.

Apogee One

Apogee Electronics One for iPad & Mac

A pocket sized interface that is perfect for travel and demo production.

Echo AudioFire 4

Echo Digital Audio AudioFire 4

Small, bus powered, firewire interface. Good sound from a quality build.

EMU 1212m PCIe

E-MU Systems 1212m PCIe

Great Audio, Confusing interface.

Tascam Us 1641


Don't buy it

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface is a 2 in, 4 out, USB 1.1...

E-mu 1212M PCI soundcard

E-MU Systems 1212M PCI

A simple soundcard with 2 balanced ins and 2 outs

PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

4x4 USB 2.0 recording interface with an interesting take on its monitoring...


Lynx Studio Technology Two A

Occupies an essential spot between the budget and the premium. Three option...

Lexicon U42S

Lexicon U42S

I'm converting from an ADAT 8 Track recording setup to completely computer...

Mackie Blackbird

Mackie Onyx Blackbird

8 Onyx Mic Preamps. Good software. Firewire.

Presonus Firepod

PreSonus Firepod

reveiw of the firepod/FP10 digital audio interface

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Metric Halo 2882 mobile IO

Metric Halo 2882 Expanded

A mobile 1 RU interface that does it all.

TC Elektronic Desktop Konnekt 6

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

2 Channel recording Interface and Monitor-Controler
with sexappeal

M-Audio Firewire Solo

M-Audio Firewire Solo

To put it bluntly: overpriced rubbish.

Inspire 1394 - Presonus

PreSonus Inspire 1394

So, to start off, I'm pretty sure I got unlucky with this one and just got a...

Ssl mx4

Solid State Logic MX4

128 channel MADI interface with modular mixer and onboard DSP

Tapco Link.USB

Tapco Link.USB

A cheap 2 x 2 USB audio interface, great for a portable musician or a beginner.

RME Hdsp9632 / AIO

RME Hammerfall DSP 9632

192khz Analog, ADAT, S/PDIF, TOSLINK optional BNC, AES/EBU.

Lynx AES16 + LS-ADAT

Lynx Studio Technology AES16

16channel AES/EBU I/O interface. or
16channel ADAT I/O Interface.

Presonus Firestudio 2626

PreSonus Firestudio 2626

Comprehensive workhorse that doesn't sound bad.

Mackie 400F firewire audio interface

Mackie 400F

A discontinued 8x8 Firewire interface with four mic preamps and two headphone...

Lexicon Alpha

Lexicon Alpha

On a very tight budget? This might be for you.

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