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sE Rupert Neve RNR1 Active Ribbon

sE Electronics RNR1

A mic which is surprisingly limited in application, but where it does shine...

Roland RE-201

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

A classic echo and reverb machine

No product image

Lovepedal Les Lius

A tweed voiced overdrive + boost

User Reviews: 1    Views: 7,796 FX UNITS
Elysia Museq Plugin

elysia museq Native Plugin

Elysia and Brainworx team up once again to bring us an interesting equalizer.

TANNOY 802 Reveal

Tannoy Reveal 802

New monitors from Tannoy

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,324 MONITORS
No product image

PCsensor Footswicth

USB Foot Controllers are programmable and can emulate any combination of...

RME Babyface

RME Babyface Blue

The best pres, converters, USB latency, drivers and mixing software you can buy...

Rob Papen RP-Amod

Rob Papen RP-Amod

Earlier this month I got a nice surprise. A free plug-in from Rob Papen for all...

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Toneboosters ReelBus

ToneBooster ReelBus

Roland Tri-Capture UA-33

Roland UA-33 Tri-Capture

This is an inexpensive, low-latency USB audio interface with some unusual...

Cascade Fathead II ribbon microphone

Cascade Microphones Fathead II

An affordable and decent sounding entry into the warm world of ribbons

Roland sp808

Roland SP-808

Sample made easy

No product image

Appsys ProAudio ADX-8

Very nice and useful little boxes!

Schoeps CM060

Schoeps CM060

Aimed @ altar speech

Mackie MR Series

Mackie MR8mk3 Pair

Mackie Refresh their MR series and offer us a solid speaker at an affordable...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 11,943 MONITORS
ADK Thor (T-7)

ADK Microphones Thor (T-7)

excellent swiss army mic for the price.

Bock 195 Fet Condenser Microphone

Bock Audio 195

Great studio all-rounder that provides incredible quality at a reasonable price...


Thermionic Culture Nightingale

A great creative tool in an awkward format, the Nightingale does what it's...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,844 PREAMPS
No product image

Fender Fender Stage 160 (non DSP)

The Fender Stage series was short lived before Fender moved forward with using...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 12,353
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

Great Hardware - I think this beats the rest in features at this price point.

Eastwood Mandocaster

Eastwood Mandocaster

Cool little Mandolin from Eastwood

User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,073
RADIAL Dragster

Radial Engineering Tonebone Dragster

A really useful, simple device that does exactly what's described. Makes direct...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,988 FX UNITS
Rob Papen Blade

Rob Papen Blade

Blade by Rob Papen is a flexible additive synth with an sharp, yet human edge.


Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

A flexible hybrid-synth powerhouse with an impressive range of features and...

Fulltone MDV3

Fulltone MDV3

There might be a lot of Vibe pedals out there but it is certain few of any are...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 8,147 FX UNITS
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8

Emulating vintage compressor slopes and harmonics. But does it really bump and...

No product image

Marshall JCM900

Dear readers, I got a copy from Hal Leonard books about the History of Marshall...

Hendyamps Capone

Hendyamps Capone

Amazing amp for lead tones and more...

Hendyamps Analog Stage

Hendyamps Analog Stage

I think the title pretty much nails this piece. If I had to bring one mic pre...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,620 PREAMPS
Roland sp606

Roland SP-606

fun to use

Euphonix Artist Transport

Avid Artist Transport

The Artist Transport is the least-expensive piece of the Artist control surface...

Dangerous D-Box

Dangerous Music D-Box

A high end monitoring system that includes 8 channels for summing and a great...

User Reviews: 5    Views: 26,488 MONITORS
Kuassa Kratos Maximizer

Kuassa Kratos Maximizer

Kratos Maximizer by Kuassa is a dynamic, color-free brickwall limiter that is...

DDMF Metaplugin

DDMF Metaplugin

Metaplugin by DDMF is an easy to use, yet powerful modular plugin chainer.

SoundMorph Wave Warper

SoundMorph Wave Warper

Wave Warper by SoundMorph is an innovating and inspiring real-time, sample...

No product image

Freevox Audio by Gérard Poncet PML200E-P

The PML200E-P is an analog stereo preamp in FET and VALVE in pure class A. It...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,325 PREAMPS
No product image

Freevox Audio by Gérard Poncet PML200E

The PML200E-P is an analog stereo preamp in FET and VALVE in pure class A. It...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,144 PREAMPS
No product image

Alesis MasterControl

The Alesis MasterControl is an all-in-one FireWire audio interface and control...

User Reviews: 3    Views: 6,754
MeldaProduction MRhythmizer

MeldaProduction MRhythmizer

MRhythmizer by MeldaProduction is unique and versatile time manipulation audio...

UVI Urban Suite

UVI Urban Suite

A toolbox for the modern hip-hop and electronic music producer.

Akg c3000

AKG C3000

budget large diaphragm mic

Pendulum Pendulum Quartet II

Pendulum Audio Quartet II ME

Quartet II Tube Recording Channel

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,127 PREAMPS
Avedis Audio MA5

Avedis Audio Electronics MA5

A great real Class A preamp made for the 500 series, at a great price for its...

Golden Age Projects R1 Mk3 Active Ribbon Mic

Golden Age Project R1 Active MKIII

The R1 Active MKIII is a very cool mic that combines the best of two worlds;...



Enter the stereo kingdom of rhythm and motion with this exciting new effects...

No product image

Drumdrops Vintage 1963 Premier Outfits 54 Kit

Premier Outfits 54 Kit - Kontakt 5 Pack by Drumdrops is a must have for anyone...

No product image

A little Midas Venice f review....

Hi. I have a Venice f 32 and I'm going to review it. I started a new...

User Reviews: 3    Views: 34,455
No product image

Redwirez MixIR2

MixIR2 by Redwirez is a fantastic multi IR loader that provides excellent...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,390 Software
SPC Gater-Pro

SPC Plugins Gater-Pro

Gater-Pro by SPC is a useful and inspiring stereo trance gate effect.

Tone2 Nemesis

Tone2 Nemesis

Tone2 have taken on FM synthesis and given us NeoFM. But does it really offer...

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