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Line 6 DL4 Delay

Delay Pedal Stomp Box Modeler

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,262 FX UNITS
Boss Cs3 compressor

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal

rather than overdrive for a boost : compressor + equalizer boss

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,997 FX UNITS
Fulltone OCD

Fulltone OCD

Best overdrive that I've ever used.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,095 FX UNITS
spring chiken reverb by malekko

Malekko Spring Chicken

easy reverb (spring) that sounds good

User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,321 FX UNITS
nova delay tc electronics

TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay

the most versatile delay

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,252 FX UNITS
Tim Pedal

Tim Overdrive Pedal

The famous TIM Pedal

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,477 FX UNITS
TC Electronic Polytune

TC Electronic Polytune

An overview of the new concepts behind the best new Guitar Tuner on the market

User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,155 FX UNITS
Ebow Plus
User Reviews: 2    Views: 8,742 FX UNITS
Electro-Harmonix XO Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker Fuzz Pedal

A new take on the Big Muff fuzz pedal.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,639 FX UNITS
Rocktron Metal Embrace

Rocktron Metal Embrace

Heavy Metal style distortion

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,328 FX UNITS
Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar

Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Pedal

Sitar emulation at it's finest

User Reviews: 1    Views: 7,252 FX UNITS
EHX Memory Boy Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay Pedal

Amazing little delay/modulation pedal with expression pedal input for super...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 8,465 FX UNITS
Electro-Harmonix "The Freeze"

Electro-Harmonix Freeze

I love EHX Products as it seems their pedals are not only great but do so many...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,846 FX UNITS
Boss Syb 5 Bass Synth

Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer Pedal

Bass Synthesizer effect pedal

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,021 FX UNITS
Line 6 - Dr. Distorto

Line 6 Dr. Distorto

Distortion pedal for the heavy side of life.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,790 FX UNITS
Maxon CP-9 Pro+ Compressor/Limiter

Maxon CP-9 Pro Compressor/Limiter

It's an amazing compressor. Basically a DBX unit in a pedal form.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,262 FX UNITS
Marbass Compressore

Markbass Compressore

The Compressore is a tube compressor specifically for bass guitars

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,121 FX UNITS
BE-1 Banjo Eliminator

Emma Electronic BE-1 Banjo Eliminator

Vaporware at its finest. I want this in a rack mount!

User Reviews: 4    Views: 4,552 FX UNITS
Line 6 M9

Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler

Great variety, excellent interface and design, variable quality, killer delays.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 11,743 FX UNITS
BBE Sonic Maximizer "Sonic Stomp" Guitar Pedal

BBE Sound Sonic Stomp Pedal

If used correctly enhances guitar, bass or overall sound source with a punch...

User Reviews: 2    Views: 17,587 FX UNITS
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Pedal

TS-style overdrive pedal, with a twist that makes it very versatile.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,504 FX UNITS
Fulltone Supa-Trem

Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1 Tremolo Pedal

Stout, great sounding pedal that can double as a clean boost of sorts.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 11,637 FX UNITS
Radial Engineering: Big Shot PB-1 Buffer and Boost Pedal

Radial Engineering Tonebone BigShot PB1

Top shelf quality, always-on, BUFFER circuit pedal for pedal board...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 8,252 FX UNITS
Proco Rat

Pro Co Sound RAT (original)

from wikipedia: The Pro Co "The RAT" is a distortion...

User Reviews: 2    Views: 5,092 FX UNITS
BEHRINGER VD400 analog delay

Behringer Vintage Delay VD400 Pedal

from the website: VINTAGE DELAY VD400 Vintage Analog Delay Effects Pedal ...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 12,054 FX UNITS
Barber small fry

Barber Electronics Small Fry

This pedal is a solid state distortion pedal 8 knob control and a pretty...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,745 FX UNITS
Behringer Rack Tuner BTR 2000

Behringer Racktuner BTR2000

One of the cheapest rack tuners on the market.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 9,400 FX UNITS
Ibanez TK999HT Tube King Distortion Pedal

Ibanez TK999HT Tube King

An underrated, over achiever running an internal 100v real tube gain has some...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 10,072 FX UNITS


Classic Crybaby platform, real dual Fasel inductors, true bypass, long life...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 14,028 FX UNITS
MXR Phase 100 Pedal

MXR Phase 100

Quick demo of a single osc sawtooth through this phaser.

User Reviews: 2    Views: 7,363 FX UNITS
Fulltone Mini DejaVibe (Univibe) Pedal

Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe

The Univibe offers a unique sound not quite a phaser and not really a chorus....

User Reviews: 1    Views: 15,719 FX UNITS
Electro-Harmonix POG 2 Octave Generator

Electro-Harmonix POG2 Pedal

Cool and useful sounds, but somewhat flimsy construction.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 7,679 FX UNITS
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Pedal

A decent sub and upper octave pedal that tracks in a polyphonic sense a...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 9,197 FX UNITS
Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Distortion Pedal

Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe Overdrive Pedal

Aptly named distortion pedal that is articulate and musical just nails the...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 15,082 FX UNITS
TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

TC Electronic Hall of Fame

The most accurate I can describe its overall quality is to say it's a really...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 5,128 FX UNITS
Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Distortion

Source Audio Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion

A shift away from the status quo and abundance of "analog" sounding...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,688 FX UNITS
Moog moogerfooger MF-102 ring modulator

Moog Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator

Once the preserve of synthesizer players, the ring modulator effect...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 19,115 FX UNITS
Dr. Scientist - Cosmichorus

Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus

If you're looking for a high quality, versatile, and creative chorus pedal,...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,497 FX UNITS
Pigtronix Keymaster

Pigtronix Keymaster

The Keymaster is used in the studio primarily for ReAmp applications.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,409 FX UNITS
Danelectro Spring King Reverb

Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King

A cheap effects pedal with true spring reverb.

User Reviews: 1    Views: 16,474 FX UNITS
Digitech RP70

DigiTech RP70 Multi Effects Pedal

This little thing is quite possibly the best part of my (admitedly not too...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,304 FX UNITS
Voodoo lab Amp Selector

Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

Fantastic tool for studio & stage. Run your amps in combination for huge...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 6,463 FX UNITS
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone

Cult Electro Harmonix Phaser designed by David Cockerell of EMS fame

User Reviews: 1    Views: 9,048 FX UNITS

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