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Alesis QS88

Best of the QuadraSynth line. :Lots of useful sounds and many free sounds...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 1,109 Pianos
Speck ASC & ASC T

Speck Electronics ASC-T

Half rack size, four band Parametric EQ with transformer and transformerless...

Casio Casiotone MT-65

Casio Casiotone MT-65

A toy keyboard with surprising depth and expression and some great drums to...

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155

Excellent isolation for the desktop mixer

Tracktion Dsp Master Mix

Tracktion Software Corporation Master Mix

Tracktion DSP brings back to life the Mackie-Acuma Labs Final Mix plugin, but...

Embertone Arcane

Embertone Arcane

A fully playable Kontakt scripted instrument with a haunted seance theme.

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KAM / KAMRAN RT1 mic capsule (in EV 664 body)

KAM makes a mic capsule, the RT1, that they sell on eBay for $30. I used one to...

Sennheiser e609

Sennheiser e609 - Black

There are definitely some better alternatives to this mic.

Spiral Groove - Studio One

Spiral Groove Studio One

Incredibly accurate near field monitors designed to be an indispensable mix tool

User Reviews: 3    Views: 13,700 MONITORS
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Vanatoo Transparent One

The NS10 of the Digital Age

User Reviews: 1    Views: 1,818 MONITORS
Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones (Detachable Cable)

Alan Smart C1 (Smart Research)

Smart Research C1 Compressor

C1 Dual Mono/Stereo compressor

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Ds-audioservice Plattenhall

It´s platereverbs in memory of EMT 140.

Antelope Audio Pure2

Antelope Audio Pure2

Pure2 is a mastering-grade 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master...

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Lexicon 224XL

The 224XL is Lexicon's third rendition of the famed 224 reverb unit.

Manley Labs Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor

Manley Labs Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor

The Manley Varible Mu compressor is a dual mono/stereo linkable valve...

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Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass Satin


User Reviews: 1    Views: 3,291
No product image

AKG d224e

Studio-quality dynamic mic, the top-of-the-line model in the AKG's now...

Prism Sound Titan

Prism Sound Titan

Probably the best interface you can find in 1u format.

Lindell Audio 17xs

Lindell Audio 17X

Akin to his boutique 17x compressor, the 17xs is Lindell's take on classic...

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Violet Design Finger pencil mic

The Violet Design Finger is a medium diaphragm cardioid microphone. The Finger ...

Violet Design The Globe Vintage

Violet Design The Globe

Another wonderful unspoken Class A LDC made in Europe by Violet Design that...

Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 with LT-USB

Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 with LT-TB

The Lynx Aurora 16 is a 1-unit 16 channel "mastering grade" converter...

Rupert Neve Designs R6: Six-Space 500 Series Rack

Rupert Neve Designs R6 Six Space 500 Series Rack

An excellent 6 slot 500-series rack with a fantanstic power supply and D-Subs


Novation SuperNova II

been playing my supernova II since 2001

Audeze LCD-X

Audeze LCD-X

Hi-end monitoring headphones

Novation 61 SL MkII

Novation Remote 61 SL MkII

Decent build, great bang for a buck, amazing keybed from Fatar, intuitive...

No product image

Sonic Studio Amarra Symphony

Amarra Symphony by Sonic Studio is a remarkable audiophile grade music player...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 2,555 Recorders
Aria Sounds London Symphonic Strings

Aria Sounds London Symphonic Strings

First Violins, which is one of five parts of Aria Sounds’ London Symphonic...

Jbl 4328p


A speaker which gave me an in-depth understanding of colour within sound and...

User Reviews: 2    Views: 7,193 MONITORS
Npng dmp-2nw

NPNG Products DMP-2NW

you get what you pay for

User Reviews: 2    Views: 3,868 PREAMPS
No product image

Toneboosters Total Bundle

A very nice pack of low complexity, high quality and easy to use bundle of...

Lynx Hilo

Lynx Studio Technology Hilo with USB - Black

AD/DA Converter with a twist

No product image

Sennheiser MD 211 U

Defenitely a sleeper. Best bang for the buck !

Bue Robbie

Blue Microphones Robbie

A great tube preamp that adds some visual flair to the studio as well

User Reviews: 3    Views: 2,711 PREAMPS
PreSonus Eris E8

PreSonus Eris E8

The Eris E8 is PreSonus' current flagship and represents their attempt in the...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 4,572 MONITORS
Kush Audio Tweaker

Kush Audio Tweaker

Tweaker is an old soul with a post-modern brain. Its vintage, discrete VCA and...

No product image

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4

Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4: More Than A Mic Pre

User Reviews: 2    Views: 5,802 PREAMPS
BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i

BBE Sound Sonic Maximizer 482i

The BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i uses an interesting adaptive EQ and adjusts phase...

JDK Audio's R22

JDK Audio R22

"I'm a big fan of API and have used a 2500 compressor on a few...

Clavia Nord Nord Drum v1.08

Clavia Nord Drum

VA Drum module

User Reviews: 1    Views: 1,028
No product image

Boss DR-220A

Programmable drum machine.

Matchless DC30

Matchless DC-30 Series

This amp has been on my covet list for years. A while ago an opportunity to...

Electro-Harmonix B9 Pedal

Electro-Harmonix B9 Pedal

Sounds good - fairly authentic. Easy to use.

Makes some noise...

User Reviews: 1    Views: 1,084 FX UNITS
Echo Audiofire 12

Echo Digital Audio AudioFire 12

Looking for a warm sounding digital converter that doesn't even come close to...

Burl Audio B2 ADC

Burl Audio B2 Bomber ADC

The Burl B2 is amazing, like cleaning the glass with Windex. More clarity and...

Golden Age Golden age pre 73 DLX

Golden Age Project Pre-73 DLX

Very good improvements over the original!

User Reviews: 5    Views: 18,013 PREAMPS
Mojave Audio MA-301 fet

Mojave Audio MA-301fet

A superb modern microphone that would grace any studio, home or professional.

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+

An all in one solution for integrating iOS devices into computer music workflow

User Reviews: 3    Views: 10,878 MIDI
Roland JP-8080

Roland JP-8080

The JP-8080 is a rackmount/desktop version of the JP-8000 virtual analog...

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