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Sonic Farm Tantra

Sonic Farm MAS Tantra

This should go in multiple categories. The Tantra is a pentode tube bass...

Solid State Logic Xlogic X-Rack

Solid State Logic Xlogic X-Rack

The SSL X Rack with Silver Dynamics and EQ provide a punchy modern sound...

SPL Charisma

SPL Audio Charisma 2

SPL Charisma a stereo Tube saturation unit.

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Electrix FilterFactory

Excellent product from what used to be a most excellent company with fun and...

BBE Sonic Maximizer 462
Korg SDD 1200

Korg SDD-1200

Delay rack unit

Ebtech Hum X

Ebtech Hum X

The Hum X from Ebtech is a safe and economical way to get rid of ground loop...

BBE 382i Sonic Maximizer rackmount unit

BBE Sound Sonic Maximizer 382i

For live sound applications I love the BBE phase correction unit. Been a part...

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Electrix Warp Factory

A useful, hardware vocoder with some depth.

Eventide H3000 D/SE

Eventide H3000

A top-drawer FX unit with classic heritage

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Electrix Filter Queen

Excellent stereo filter with expression/CV input

Jomox M-Resonator

Jomox T-Resonator

analog filterbox (awesome sounddesign machine)

Rupert Neve Designs PORTICO 5045 Primary Source Enhancer

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5045

Feedback reduction device

Little Labs IBP junior

Little Labs IBP Junior

Phase alignment tools for the analog domain

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