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MIAD Audio LCPQ 4040

MIAD Audio LCPQ 4040

The LCPQ 4040 is a 4-Band inductor-based equalizer that combines the...

PreSonus EQ3B

PreSonus EQ3B

Three-band fully parametric single channel analog EQ.

Stam Audio SA-EQP1A

Stam Audio SA-EQP1A

Excellent Pultec style EQ, the SA-EQP1A made by Stam Audio, and it has the...

Warm Audio EQP-WA

Warm Audio EQP-WA

Pultec Style Tube Equalizer.

Thermionic Culture The Swift EQ

Thermionic Culture The Swift EQ

Tube EQ. Top notch, the best I've used.

MIDAS 512 Parametric Equaliser

MIDAS 512 Parametric Equaliser

This is the Midas 512 PEQ, essentially the EQ from the Heritage 3000 in the 500...

Manley Massive Passive

Manley Labs Massive Passive

A Master EQ on steroids.

Langevin Mini Massive

Manley Labs Mini-Massive

A wonderful stereo 2 band EQ with 3 sounds. When you daisy chain them you get a...

Speck Electronics Speck ASC Transformerless EQ

Speck Electronics Speck ASC Transformerless EQ

A high quality parametric equalizer

Kush Audio Clariphonic MS

Kush Audio Clariphonic MS

A great EQ with Mid and Side cut and boost control

Klark Teknik EQP-KT

Klark Teknik EQP-KT

Fantastic EQs at a fantastic price.

Buzz Audio REQ 2.2 Resonance Mastering Equalizer

Buzz Audio REQ-2.2

A thorough test of this remarkable equalizer.

DRAWMER 1961 Tube EQ

Drawmer 1961 - Vacuum Tube Equaliser

A fully featured EQ, possibly too colourful for some purposes but very useful...

Summit Audio EQF-100

Summit Audio EQF-100

Single Channel Flexible EQ

Elysia xfilter

elysia xfilter Rack

A 4 band Stereo EQ, with Shelving, Cutting, and bell filters.

Golden Age EQ-73

Golden Age Project EQ-73

Neve 1073 EQ clone hits the mark

No product image

Orban 622B

2 Channel vintage parametric EQ

Api 5500

API Audio 5500 Dual Equalizer

I bought my 5500 dual mono eq primarly for the two bus, but noticed early that...

WesAudio LC-EQP

WesAudio LC-EQP

Pultec style EQ - and more

Speck ASC & ASC T

Speck Electronics ASC-T

Half rack size, four band Parametric EQ with transformer and transformerless...

No product image

Audio Maintenance ezp-1a

Save your money guys! No need for the original!

No product image

Ashly Audio Inc. PQX 572

Dual Channel 7 band parametric EQ (2 shelf, 5 full parametric).

JLM Audio PEQ-500

JLM Audio Equipment PEQ500

Pultec stuyle EQ for 500 series. deep flavor with an amazing finish

A-designs EM-EQ2

A-Designs EM-EQ2

Dual Mono EQ - Pultec Clone
4 ½ Star Review (no hyperbole)

GML 9500

George Massenburg Labs GML 9500

Dual mono Mastering full parametric 5 bands equalizer

No product image

Altec Lansing 9062A passive graphic equalizer

An extremely musical vintage passive graphic equalizer

No product image

Audio & Design SCAMP S03 sweep equalizer

A high quality sweep EQ for SCAMP system

No product image

Audio & Design SCAMP S04 parametric equalizer

A high quality equalizer for ADR SCAMP system

IGS AUDIO Rubber Bands

IGS AUDIO Rubber Bands EQ2P

An affordable and transparent stereo Pultec-type eq that will noticeably...

Black Lion Audio AM/CHA-1 Equalizer

Black Lion Audio AM CHA1 EQ

Good sounding EQ on some sources but build quality lacking.

Elysia Museq

elysia musEQ

The Last EQ you'll ever need to buy.

TK Audio TK-lizer

TK Audio TK-lizer

A Baxandall type EQ,

Great River Electronics EQ-2NV

Great River EQ-2NV

This is my complete Review of the EQ-2NV.

It was written and...

Focusrite Liquid Channel

Focusrite Liquid Channel

versatility coupled with excellent sound quality

No product image

Peavey Electronics EQ-27

Vintage 1/3 Octave Graphic EQ

Charter Oak CharterOak PEQ-1

Charter Oak PEQ-1

CharterOak PEQ-1 is powerful magic

Prism MEA2

Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2

The Prism Sound Maselec Master Series MEA-2 precision stereo equalizer was...

UBK KuSh Clariphonic

Kush Audio Clariphonic

nice top end not harsh very musical

Avalon 747

Avalon Design VT-747SP

A great stereo compressor and EQ for 2 bus or mastering stage to fine tune your...

Orban 672a EQ

Orban 672A

This is a single channel eight band parametric eq.

Summit Audio EQ-200

Summit Audio EQP-200

A mastering grade, built to order only, analog EQ with digital control and...

Tube Tech PE-1C Program Equalizer

Tube-Tech PE 1C

The original Pultec EQP-1a clone.

Jdk r24

JDK Audio R24

Great Eq for less $

Rupert Neve Designs 5033

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5033 (Horizontal)

A very musical and soft sounding EQ with a lot of flexibility

Square State Solid State Model One B EQ

Square State Solid State Equalizer Model One B

Fantastic inductor EQ at a very friendly price point

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

As clean an EQ as EQ gets.

Samson S-Curve 231

Samson S-curve 231

Dual channel 31 band graphic equalizer.

Aurora Audio GT4-8

Aurora Audio GT4-8

8 Channel, 4 band parametric EQ with frequency selectable high and low pass...

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