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Bart HRK EQ550P

Bart HRK EQ550P

Fantastic passive EQ with tube character

IGS AUDIO Rubber Bands ME 500

IGS AUDIO Rubber Bands ME 500

A Pretty good broad stroke EQ with things I like and things I miss.

Lindell Audio MID-500

Lindell Audio MID-500

This is supposed to be a Pultec MEQ type equalizer with a 1731 Opamp gain stage...

WesAudio Hyperion

WesAudio _Hyperion

Quite simply, it breathes life into music.

Maag Audio EQ4 - 500 Series

Mäag Audio EQ4

Great sound, lame build quality.

Bettermaker EQ 502P

Bettermaker EQ 502P

500-series format stereo analog passive equalizer with plugin recall.

Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop

Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop

Louder Than Lifoff´s Chop Shop EQ is outstanding - just nothing like it!!!

Radial Engineering Q3

Radial Engineering Q3

A 500 Series EQ focused on tone-shaping and coloring.

Trident Audio Developments 80B EQ 500
Elysia xfilter 500

elysia xfilter 500

Class A stereo, 4 band, 500 series EQ.

Purple ODD

Purple Audio Odd

Great, musical EQ - you think it's limited, but it's not!

Phoenix Audio DRS-EQ/500

Phoenix Audio DRS-EQ/500

Phoenix Audio continuous to expand their DRS series. The Phoenix Audio...

API 550A

API Audio 550A

Classic EQ. 1.5K on this is some of the best mid range in the world. I bought...

No product image

Total Audio Control EQ ONE

Four-band parametric EQ with HPF/LPF in 500 format

Daking EQ500

Daking Audio EQ 500

Based on the Trident EQ


Buzz Audio Tonic

Did someone say SERIOUSLY SWEET midrange

Moog the LADDER

Moog The Ladder

I was always curios what kind of functionality may offer a module which is not...

Api 560

API Audio 560

API 560 10 band graphic eq for 500 series

Kush Electra

Kush Audio Electra 500

Great eq, impossibly low price.

Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ

Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer

Expensvie EQ with a lot of mojo

Elysia Nvelope 500

elysia nvelope 500

Intuitive and flexible stereo envelope shaping, plus a bonus EQ!

JDK Audio V14

JDK Audio V14

One of the best affordable EQs that can be found.

Great River 32EQ

Great River Harrison 32EQ

The most flexible 500 EQ with an astonishing musical sound

LaChapell Audio 503

LaChapell Audio Model 503

An awesome sounding musical EQ

Purple Audio - Lilpeqr

Purple Audio LilPEQr

A 2-band program EQ, that can be abused for some special tasks

LAZ Electronics EQN 500-series EQ

LAZ Electronics EQN

A 500 series take on the Neve 1084 style EQ.

Roger Schult 500 Series EQ Filters

Roger Schult W2377 Mid Band Filter

There has been occasional mention of these EQ's up here on Gearslutz, but since...

XQP 535 Program EQ

XQP Audio 535

An EQ that you can't go wrong with, even if you go extreme with it.

Api 553

API Audio 553

This eq was made in the early to mid 70's Its a very clean version of the...

No product image

Eisen Audio Lilpeqr

This is one sweet eq, I have the limited edition version before it wen to...

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