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Stam Audio SA-73-5

Stam Audio SA-73-5

These sound absolutely stunning on anything! Serious bang for the buck, serious...

Burl Audio B1 - B1D Mic Pre

Burl Audio B1 - B1D Mic Pre

Bold, beautiful preamp that really shines on amplifiers and drums.

Ams Neve 1073LB


Good sound, Sounds good when overdriven

Heritage Audio 2264JR

Heritage Audio 2264JR

Diodebridge compressor and 1073 mic pre in a two slot 500 series unit.

Heritage Audio 73jr

Heritage Audio 73 JR

I'm not going to hype this thing up, I'm just going to tell you how it is.

A-Designs Audio P-1

A-Designs P-1

The one stop shop for all your mic pre needs

Big Bear Audio MP1+

Big Bear Audio MP1+

A funky 500-series unit with an inbuilt Colour slot - what's not to love?

Hairball Audio Elements Gold

Hairball Audio Elements Gold

The Hairball Audio Elements Gold preamp will exceed your expectations for a...

Hacienda Labs HL 169

Hacienda Labs HL 169

the encounter between an input Studer 169, and an output Carnhill neve 70's

Bart Hrk MPQ 568C

Bart HRK MPQ568C

MPQ568C Studio Grade Mic Preamp with Germanium EQ and 2 Colour Slots for DIYRE...

Diy Recording Equipment CP5

DIY Recording Equipment CP5 Colour Mic Preamp Kit

The CP5 is a DIY 500 series preamp with space for one DIYRE colour module.

Classic Audio Products Of Illinois VP-28

Classic Audio Products Of Illinois VP28

DIY kit. You will need some soldering and electronics skills.

Daking Audio Mic Pre 500

Daking Audio Mic Pre 500

While researching preamps for my project studio, I kept hearing “just get a...

Radial Engineering PowerTube

Radial Engineering PowerTube

500 series Class A Tube Preamp

Chameleon labs 581

Chameleon Labs 581

500 Series mic preamp.

Rupert Neve RND 511

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511

Got my 511 today and I'm really, really pleased with it. Excellent pre. Smooth,...

AEA Ribbon Mics RPQ500

AEA Ribbon Mics RPQ500

A high gain workhorse with soul

LaChapell Audio Model 583s MK2

LaChapell Audio 583s MK2

I have several excellent mic preamps at my disposal including my much loved,...

AwTAC Channel Amplifier

AwTAC Channel Amplifier

Phenomenal. Easy. Loads of character. Support an excellent maker.

Neve 88RLB


The incredible sounding audio technology from Neve’s two-ton flagship 88RS...

Sound Skulptor MP 5.99

Sound Skulptor MP 5.99

a versatile preamp that gets along well with small AND hot signals - does what...

API Audio 505 DI

API Audio 505 DI

An awesome module to use as a high-end guitar direct-box!

Studio Projects SPM5 500 series mic pre

Studio Projects SPM5

Bargain price 500 series mic- preamp with high quality sound.

Total Audio Control Micpre One

Total Audio Control MICPRE ONE

Full-feature mic preamp designed by Graham Langley

Phoenix Audio DRS-1R

Phoenix Audio DRS1R/500

A hearty and versatile Mic Pre / DI worth of consideration for your next 500...

Avedis Audio MA5

Avedis Audio Electronics MA5

A great real Class A preamp made for the 500 series, at a great price for its...

Great River Electronics MP-500NV

Great River MP-500NV

Great River's 500 series preamp. Neve inspired sound, solid features, but space...

Classic API VP26

Classic Audio Products Of Illinois VP-26

Kit-build API styled preamp that might just beat the original at its own game...

Triton Audio D2O Tube Fet 500 series

Triton Audio D2O 500 series V2

A long-winded account of one man's journey to fill his lunchbox with Siemen(s).

Heritage audio 1073/500

Heritage Audio 1073/500

I had the pleasure to review the new Heritage Audio – 1073/500. It takes 3...

Hairball Audio LOLA

Hairball Audio LOLA

Fully differential microphone preamplifier.
Completely Original...

Vintech 573 lunchbox preamp

Vintech Audio 573

This is a 500 series preamplifier

Buzz Audio Elixer - 500 Series Mic Preamp

Buzz Audio Elixir

An all-around workhorse with tons of gain, leaning to the clean side.

Chandler Little Devil Preamp

Chandler Limited Little Devil Pre Amp

The Chandler Little Devil 500 series preamp

pT2-500-D Ribbon Mic Pre

TRUE Systems pT2-500D

Open and punchy ribbon/dynamic 500 pre. Usable HPF and instrument input.

A Designs P1 500 Series Mic Pre and DI

A-Designs P-1

If you're starting your lunchbox, this may just be the pre to get.

Helios Type 69 500


Beautiful, open, airy pre with subtle but effective EQ

Api 512c

API Audio 512c

One of the industry workhorses. The famous API sound in a convenient package.

Five Fish Audio X-12

FiveFish Audio X-12

API Lunchbox preamp with the API sound, but not the price

Radial PowerPre

Radial Engineering PowerPre

Versatile 500 Series Microphone Preamp on the less expensive side.

Forssell Technologies SMP - 500

Forssell Technologies SMP-500

A good clean pre for high end mics

Five Fish X-72mk500

FiveFish Audio X-72 mk500 Mic Preamp

A Lunchbox Pre that can compete with the others... at half the price!

Classic API VP312

Classic Audio Products Of Illinois VP312

Best deal in pro audio

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