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Audio Maintenance Ltd ezp-1a

Audio Maintenance ezp-1a

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Save your money guys! No need for the original!

7th January 2015

Audio Maintenance ezp-1a by ensagen

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5

First of all sorry for my English, this is not my mother language. I finally bought an AML ezp-1a, it came in a surprisingly supportive box with full of foam particles. Believe me that nothing would happen if you send this eq to Afghanistan with this much of support I was in touch with Colin before buying this eq, he is the gentleman who would answer all your questions with a responsive and helpful manner. To give you some background info, I just bought a mercury m76m single pre, and a Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB compressor. This eq is a magical companion to those devices because it never degrades the signal but just adds something special.
I found a studio that have an original pultec, I compared the results for a bass track, for an acoustic guitar rhythm track and for a kick track processed with ezp-1a and the original unit. Plus I asked help from two sound engineer friends who have been working in professional music business since 1980s. We couldn't find any difference between an original unit and the aml ezp-1a except that the high frequency content is more affected with the transformers in the original unit. The treble part of aml is as smooth as you can never come close with UAD plugins or Waves plugins. One thing made us so much excited! The bass section of this aml unit is way better than the original unit. As tight as a solid state API, as juicy as a tube device!!!!!!!! As heavy as a vintage unit and as modern as to be used in every nowadays albums. It is impossible to hear any harshness or any unwanted quality even when the eq is boosted to maximum.
One thing that we came up was the fact that this device adds all the transformer&tube quality to a sound just if you boost a frequency that is not relevant with the source. We boosted 16khz in a bass guitar track and clearly heard the transformer sound that was missing and that completely gave the track a new definition. I noted from this moment not to use this device when only needed but during tracking to enhance the overall quality. It has two tubes and 3 transformers that one of them acts as inter-stage transformer.
Noise floor of the device is great. No audible noise! Transformers and the power unit is well shielded, so no any humming.
Buttons are all great! Greatly smooth, not loose not tight, just what is needed. The aesthetics is relative but if you ask me I would tell that it never misses any point to make it look professional especially in the same rack with Thermionic Phoenix and Mercury m76m.
I can't say anything if what brand you put on your rack matters for you in sense of customers, but I can recommend you to buy this eq in place of an original unit. Eat a nice hot dog with the rest and go to church on Sunday to pray for Colin for him not to quit his business)))))))))))))))

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