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Moog Music Animoog

Moog Animoog

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12th December 2014

Moog Animoog by bogeyeater

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
Moog Music Animoog

ahem purists look away now *cough*


Ok we got that out of the way! Here's my impressions:

Horizontal grid with eight sound slots and an unusual path/constellation/orbit control. In-app purchases bulk up sound library at minimal cost. Minimoog Model D download at £4.99 clearly hired top gun programmers to bring us a varied and useable library. These are either great starting points for tweaking or educational tools as you hear something outlandish and go hunting for the mod route they used - accelerate your learning!

GREAT sounding filter section. Nuff said.

Record/overdub section - this records audio rather than midi info. It's duplicated by the 4-track recorder that you can get free from the app store. The 4 track is much more useable for me. They could have used this slot for something else maybe? Even a one track midi recorder?

Lovely delay. Lush right across the range.

'Warm' section: detune, drive and bitcrusher. You can mash your sound here or just dab at it. A touch of detune on a stereo source just s-m-e-a-r-s it across left and right. Full fat sound right there.


Animoog has a learning curve but a quick and rewarding one (for me). Each session over a 14 day period yielded better and better results.

It’s easy on the eye with muted early 80's commodore PET/oscilloscope green. The look is important because it fits into creative environments we know well: low lit studios OR a few new ones: trains/planes/coffee bars and critically in bed at night with the brightness down.

Changing timbres was tricky until i finally read on a forum that you have to touch the slot and the desired sound AT THE SAME TIME. Problem solved.

The layout is superb. 4 way mod matrix, poly-pressure control (a personal favourite), touch screen and general good looks. Editable keyboard scale removes potential bum notes at a stroke. Glissando joy.

I refer you to my earlier comment m’lud. You're playing with waveforms - it WON'T sound like dedicated Moog hardware nor should it. Synth heads your investment is safe.

But by jiminy, get it in the pocket and it sounds ****ing huge. It screams and throbs and burbles. It's musical, it's atonal, mellow, evil. What a great toy. All this for £20!!

If it’s missing something, that something is common to all softsynths: tranny iron and heft, maybe some raspy opto and the other stuff we all buy outboard for. How about ipad out -> stereo guitar amps -> reamp with ribbons? Etc.

Once you get the hang of it, which should be easy for anyone with a bit of programming nous and a few flying hours, it is very very fast and intuitive to develop great sounds from the ground up. Animoog seems to strike the perfect balance between features/depth and simplicity/ease of use. The frustration is iPad/iOs’s’s dismal OSX connectivity: I should be able to plumb this in to 2012 Macbook Pro on Apple Logic via lightning without a problem. Am I missing something? It flies great on an iPad mini 2 retina. 4 track files save fine and you can get your idea jams into Logic via itunes. It's just that this thing really suits live takes direct to DAW, not faffing about in Garageband and transferring files.

Dev feature request: How about if each horizontal timbre patch slot was individually editable. That would take this thing to the next level. Also user patches save to ROOT directory. Could we have a user folder or facility to make one? I’m available for beta testing.

Bogeyeater says:
The core sound is all there. You can paint with this thing.

Thank you Moog!

Last edited by bogeyeater; 12th December 2014 at 10:49 PM..

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