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APS Aeon Active Monitors w/ Soft Dome Tweeter

4.85 4.85 out of 5, based on 3 Reviews

Honestly sounding, great near / mid field studio monitors. Highest quality for great price!

15th December 2012

APS Aeon Active Monitors w/ Soft Dome Tweeter by differance

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5

I use APS AEON studio monitors for over 2 years and they are my main working tool in the studio.

About sound quality - its superb! Nice option is the ability to choose tweeters - titanium or material. In my monitors I have titanium tweeters, and I have to admit that they are very precise and not fatiguing. Midrange is not put forward but it is very detailed. Low tones are clear, quick, and they go pretty low!

Easy of use: what can I say, turn on, and they work.

: On the back is adjustable input level, tweeter, bass boost, ground lift and bass controller. Interesting option is the ability to disable bass controller. This makes the low frequencies fast and precise. If you want to see what happens on the 30Hz - turn on the bass controller and regulate it. Pretty good option. So i dont see necessity for sub. (Back plate pic).
About the aesthetics - my monitors are in standard black color but you can choose ANY color.

Bang for buck
: They really well built (not in China but in the EU), the electronics is in a separate room behind the rear plate. (pic).
AEON's are great studio monitors! Their quality wins with far more expensive speakers.

14th June 2013

APS Aeon Active Monitors w/ Soft Dome Tweeter by RomullusUK

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75

Hi everyone! This is my first review, I would be really greatful to hear what people think of my writing ability and whether or not this was a useful review.

I have had my APS Aeons for just over a year now.

The Aeons in their temporary home (my dads office) tip: books make great acoustic treatment!

Having studied music technology at university as well as visiting numerous studios I have had a well rounded experience with different kinds of monitoring systems including Focal Twin SM6, ATC SCM50A Pros and more recently PMC’s behemoth BB5-XBD-A’s (Jesus fricking christ!) .

I won't pour out a big list of statistics (If you would like to read the nitty gritty you can go here: Aeon - APS Audio Pro Solutions). What I will say is that these active midfield monitors use an 8 inch bass driver directly with a felt or titanium dome tweeter (I have the felt dome). These are crossed over at 1.5 kHz (slope: 24 dB/octave).

The reason I mention this is that It is very rare to find a speaker that moves from a bass driver of this size to a tweeter without a midrange driver, however I can honestly say that APS have managed to do it with flying colours.

Pros: Between the two drivers the Aeon is able to reach to the far ranges of the frequency spectrum. The low end remains distortionless and, thanks to the bass control switch, I was able to opt for a deeper yet more subtle low end. The top end is crisp and extremely well controlled. Most impressive is how the midrange remains extremely clear, despite the crossover point. My guess is APS spent many late nights pinning that crossover down. The stereo is terrific, I find myself getting lost in tiniest details of stereo placement, even the smallest gestures can be focused on. All in all the pros make this a great speaker for £1500.

Cons: Its fair to say the midrange can sometimes sound a bit soft, the Aeons have a big brother called the Trinity which, although I have yet to hear them, appear to be an extension of the Aeon that attends to this issue (although the extra driver, amplifier and crossover are bound to make this a slightly more exclusive price). Originally I found the top end (7k+) a bit metallic but this evened out when I properly broke them in, changed my room and decided to knock 0.5 db off the tweets using the control switch).

Conclusion: When you look at the price / quality / frequency response ratios it is fair to say the Aeon are extremely good value. I can confidently manipulate some very deep music which, in the past, I would have only felt comfortable doing in a bigger studio with a larger monitoring setup. I’m quite in love with these speakers (you might have guessed by now) and although I don't discredit the other options out there I feel these are a really comprehensive ‘next step’ option for a serious producer.

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4th May 2015

APS Aeon Active Monitors w/ Soft Dome Tweeter by matthew11490

  • Sound Quality 4 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75

A few months back I heard some good feedbacks from peers about APS speakers. Therefore I approached APS and they sent me a pair of Coax and Aeon for demo. I wasn't sure what I am getting into at first. But as far as I know now, I ended up keeping them both, they helped my work in a tremendous way and I am grateful to have them.
I have been doing audio engineering for quite a while, worked in many great studios and worked on a lot of speakers. To name a few Yamaha, KRK, ATC, PMC, Focal, Dynaudio, Ausburger, Exigy, ADAMS, Barefoots, lipinski, JBL etc. I got very picky on speakers since I know what it takes to make it a good mixing speakers. I was using Yamaha ns-10, PMC two two 6 and a 10" sub to finish most of my work before I got the APSs.
First of all, I have to say APS customer service was superb, they are easy to reach and they explained patiently and took care of everything I worried.

I was looking for a mid field speakers to upgrade, something like ATC scm25/barefoot mm27. I need some great low end and full mid range without a subwoofer to check mixes.

I talked to the folks at APS, and they recommended Aeon. I talked to them what I looking for and what I don't like about ATC scm25 as a reference.

I gave it a try for sure, and finger cross it's the one I am looking for.

When they first arrived, I was impressed by the weight on it. It was very heavy, 40lbs around. One of the bass reflex on the Aeon was detached from the speaker during transportation. The APS folks took care of me really well, they were about to send me a replacement speaker as an easier fix but I asked them to guide me to fix it instead just to make everyone's life easier. So they patiently taught me how to fix it and it was a simple fix.

I tried them in various placement, I couldn't to get it sounds good at first. It was dark and muddy. I talked to APS and later realize Aeon is super sensitive to position change, so the tweeter has to be exactly same plane as my ear to get a good balance of lows and highs.

I also has a pair of Coax to compare with it at the same time.

The Aeon is much darker than the Coax, similar to NS10, but as I used it as a mid field I boosted the highs by 1.5db just to make it nice to listen to. There're many switch behind the Aeon to customize the sound from it and tuned with according to your room. I turned the "bass controller" on, what it does is the speaker will response down to 33hz instead of 40hz when it's off. I also boosted 3db on the lows.

I had been using it for more than a month too, did around 15-20mixes with it. Never disappoint me. I mixed all the low end of the mixes with it, super well defined, solid low end, instead of boomy, muddy low end like a sub. I did extensive fine tuning and producing on kick drum and bass on the AEON. Even I use it in low volume, man, you can hear 33hz like that easy. Often when you use a sub, you encounter phase issue and slow transient response. This is not the case on Aeons, even with bass controller on, the transient response is still decently quick considering it is producing 33hz. It is a reliable and honesty presentation on the low end. I don't need a subwoofer but AEON nowadays.

The Mid range is rich and full, you might find it a bit dark, but that's exactly what I am looking for from a ATC SCM25. It reveals 150-500hz extremely well besides the low end, if you can get it clear on the AEON in the mid range you are in a good shape, it's gonna translate really well.

I rated the sound quality as 4 only because I have the Coax as comparison. Aeon seems to have less depth and details comparing to the Coax, and the sound stage is a bit narrower. Coax is just different with the Coaxial design. Aeon will give you the same thing as you expected from other traditional speakers.

To conclude, ignoring the size and weight, It's a great mixing speakers to add on. Works well in any volume, very adaptable to any room with it's controller panel and at this price you got the great low end like no body else.

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