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Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

4.2 4.2 (5 Reviews)
Plenty of I/O, good MIDI latency time, 90% of the time works all the time. Drivers can be a tad buggy at times, but its not too bad. Decent slightly above average quality preamps especially for the price. A few drawbacks but nothing too major. All in all, if it works with your computer, its great!
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

Published by sackynut on 2nd December 2012
User Review
Sound Quality
4 out of 5
Ease of use
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Bang for buck
4 out of 5
Overall: 4.25 4.25
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

I went out on a limb. It was the NI KA6, or the Roland Quad Capture. I wont go into details of why I decided to go for the KA6, but I went with it. And heres my review:
My specs:
Asus Laptop
Core i7 quad core CPU @ 2.0ghz
All USB 2.0 ports
Newest ASIO drivers.
Windows 7 with service pack 1, all latest drivers installed
KA6 firmware version 42, with latest drivers.
Monitors: A Pair of Yamaha HS80M's.

Basic KA6 specs:
2 preamped inputs in front
2 inputs in back
4 1/4" main out puts
monitor function
separate headphone function.
48v Power
Two more inputs or outputs via SPDIF
Price I paid: $229

1. Sound Quality (output)
The main-out sound quality coming through my HS80m's was pretty damn good. Definitely better than my previous interfaces (lexicon's, and a tascam us 800.) It was spacial, and sounded pretty on point. Although, even with good monitors, unless the track you are playing is extremely well made, or high quality, its going to hard to judge in this category. It was better than my other interfaces, but not by much.
As far as the knob goes, and the gain, I get a decent volume for mixing/music lisening around 11 o'clock on the dial. Sound works fine out of the headphone jacks too. Could use a little more gain, but Im not complaining, its bus powered.

2. Sound quality (input).

This device has 2 front inputs, that can either be Line or Instrument inputs. I will be recording some vocals tonight to upload (along with a picture or two) using an SM57, and a couple of cheap condenser mics.
So far the only inputs Ive really tested are the instrument inputs on the front, for guitar, and the two unbalanced inputs on the back to hook up my record player.

The front instrument inputs sound pretty good. By that I mean they are decently sterile (not perfect) but they dont really distort the sound, and hardly add any warmth to it. I did notice the TINIEST bit of noise coming through (mainly when it was set to HIGH gain.) but I could also attribute that to my guitar/cables. The sound was good, but not great. Hopefully you understand what I mean by this. Its up to YOU to take your recording and make it sound good in the DAW.

The two back unbalanced inputs worked great for my record player, they capture even audio at a good quality.

3. Drivers

The drivers definitely have their draw backs, and Ive read people on the forums, and online with even worse problems then me.
Ill sum it up with bullet points:
-Got KA6, plugged it in, it worked (USB light was NOT blinking). I installed the firmware updater, it froze my computer, and it would no longer recognize my KA6. Id go into details, but trust me when I say I know my computers, and I tried EVERYTHING.
-Returned it, got a new one, fresh from Native Instruments. My computer wouldnt recognize it. So I tried another laptop, didnt work, it gave me the same blinking USB light, which means its not being driven by the drivers.
-Tried it on one more laptop, and one more desktop. It worked on both, so I decided it was my computer that needed cleaning, not the KA6.
-Reformatted and reinstalled windows 7. Plugged in the KA6, installed the drivers, and presto! It worked.

Now for the more confusing part:
Ive been trying to recreate this event over and over, but I still havent completely narrowed it down yet. Regardless, it seems my KA6 drivers dont like Itunes and/or flash player. When I have lots of flash player tabs open at once, and I also have itunes open.... after about 10-15 minutes I start getting pops and clicks in my songs. Checking the KA6 control panel showed zero I/O errors and zero buffer underruns.

It seems one of the programs is messing with the clock on my KA6....tisk tisk. However, if I close my flash windows, and close and reopen itrunes, the problem is gone. Remember, these are NOT buffer IO errors or underruns, it seems to be a weird driver/communication problem. Who knows.

Another "driver related" problem Ive had, is when my computer has been on for multiple days straight, and I plug my KA6 in, and begin to listen to music I sometimes will start getting USB I/O Errors, one every minute or so. This sounds like a 2ms "drop" of all audio coming out of my KA6. Its annoying as hell, and even closing, and reopening itunes doesnt help. The only solution in this scenario is to restart my computer. This is unacceptable, however I do not know if it is Native Instruments fault, itunes fault, or my motherboards fault, perhaps microsoft too? Again... who knows.

4. Build Quality:
With part aluminum, a tad of plastic, and a glass? top, its a sleek looking interface. It feels like a tank, and seems built that way too. However it is heavy, and I have no clue what the insides look like. For all I know everything could be taped down. I have yet to drop it, so I cant vouch for if dropping it breaks it. Its a nice form factor though, the buttons and knobs are sturdy, its small and seems decent for travel. The glass may get scratched though, just a heads up.

5. Performance (DAW)

I use Propellerhead Reason as my main DAW. When using the KA6 drivers with Reason, I occasionally get buffer underruns and IO errors, however this is possibly attributed to the problem I mentioned above. However, usually I dont have any problems in reason.

When monitoring a live track, that has FX on it, my latency (with 128 samples, 1ms USB buffer) was damn near zero! And I dont mean the normal sense of monitoring. I mean round trip, into my DAW, through the FX, and back out my DAW into the KA6. I was recording guitar live (with FX and monitor on) and I swear my brain was NOT fast enough to determine how much latency there was. Part of this is attibuted to my fast computer, however the KA6 definitely plays a role.

The thing is, I was getting too many underruns in Reason, enough that I was about to send back the unit for a refund. However, I found that if you change your driver that reason uses, from the KA6 to ASIO, and then change the settings within ASIO, not only can you achieve MUCH better sampling rates and latencies, but I get basically NO buffer underrruns, at least not NEARLY as many.
Tisk tisk on native instruments part for that one, hopefully a driver update soon will help that, but mine works just fine so I really cant complain. This is a slightly expensive piece of equipment, not just consumer level junk.... at least to me it is.

Never really had any problems with my KA6 and Reason, except OCCASIONALLY on a CPU heavy track, while using the KA drivers, and not the ASIO drivers. Using the ASIO drivers, a CPU heavy track doesnt really cause too many problems. Which is good, because I eventually want to use this bad boy live, and getting IO errors live would crush me.

As far as MIDI goes, I connected my Roland TD-6v electronic drum kit up to the KA6 via MIDI, and I never lost a note, even on SUPER fast rolls and fills. This was definitely great, that I could play as fast as I wanted and have every midi note register (that is, unless youre having I/O errors or underrun problems.)

6. Performance (not DAW)

It performs fine in video games, it sounds great! Never really had a single issue playing games through the KA6.

6. Other features:

The separate monitor function is a nice touch. It works well, with zero latency, however you CANNOT monitor unbalanced inputs 3 and 4. Only 1 and 2. I dont know why, but I can assure you this is the way it is.

Also, having the headphone separate from the main outs, was another good feature. Something the roland quad capture did NOT have, and also a strong selling point for me.

There are some cool lights on the top, they arent TOO distracting, but then again they arent really in my vision. They help you understand whats going on, and being able to switch inputs 1 and 2 from Mic to Inst is good.

Overall its a pretty damn solid interface for the price. And if you can get the drivers to work 100%, Id say its well worth its weight in gold, AND THEM SOME.

The preamps might not be the greatest, but they are still good, and I get great latency times on it.

Note: Sometimes the KA6 doesnt like to be plugged in AFTER my computer has woken from sleep mode, or if my computer has been on a LONG time. This is what starts causing the USB IO errors. Im still trying to pin point the problem, but I may have fixed it with an earlier driver install, we shall see.

-Good preamps for the price, pretty sterile and get the job done.
-Plenty of IO for the price
-Looks sleek and cool
-Output sounds great
-Separate monitor, and headphone knobs/switches
-Can Have Very fast latency
-Bus Powered

-Drivers can be a bit buggy, depending on your computer knowledge, and hardware. This is still annoying me, even though Ive got it almost under control. It annoying me to the point of almost wanting to return it, but Ill have faith!!!!
-No monitoring inputs 3 and 4, even though they say you can. While not a deal breaker for me, that still sucks.
-Not a ton of gain on the mic output, and even on instrument inputs. Im not saying that the gain they provide doesnt suffice, but that its less than its peers on the market.
-From what I hear, no USB 3 support. Hopefully a firmware or driver update can fix this. Lucky for my I have USB 2 only, but soon Ill be getting a new computer with USB 3.
-No ability to adjust the levels for inputs 3 and 4, you can only do it digitally in your DAW, and even then its not technically the same thing.

Side notes and rumors: Apparently RME helped with the components and preamps? Not sure if thats true.

Apparently, the KA6 cannot power two high end condenser mics at the same time via phantom power. I do not know if this is true (because I dont own any high end condenser mics). Ive read some places that they fixed the issue with a firmware update, Ive also read that they havent fixed the issue. Maybe someone can chime in?

Any questions, comments, or things I left out let me know. Im only posting this to help future buyers decide what to get. I will upload some images later tonight, along with a couple of recordings so you can hear the sound quality.

Updates as Ive used it more:
Sometimes it doesnt like to play nice if the computer has been on for a long time. Sometimes it doesnt like to play nice with ASIO, and after Im done using reason, I have to log off then log on again to get my audio working (or restart.)
Still, Ive been up all night using it and it hasnt really messed with me yet so Im crossing my fingers!

Heres a tiny little guitar clip recording I made, just three different chords. No FX, no compression, no mastering, no normalization, no low pass or any sort of filter..... nothing..... just the straight up dry recording. I went from my guitar ---> straight into the KA6, using the instrument input. Gain on the input was about 1 oclock, maybe 2 on the dial. I have the Dimebag Darryl guitar, its about $200-$250 bucks. I dont know the exact model.
KA6 guitar demo recording.wav - Tindeck MP3 Download
I uploaded it as a wav, so youll have to download it to listen....sorry.

Next Ill upload some more complex guitar, I realize Im not the best at it, I like to have one around even though Im not too good. Also Ill be trying to upload some vocal recordings soon.

Still I give it the same rating. If it keeps working solidly with little-to-no glitches for another week or so, Id mark it up 5-10%. We shall see.

More updates: Its been giving me a lot more trouble recently. All day it just produced static, or silence, even when audio was being pumped through it. I was scared I friend a circuit, because I had it plugged in when I turned on my computer, and the KA6 started spazzing out like CRAZY. The input monitors were spazzing, the blinking lights were spazzing, and all I could get out of the KA was static.

And interesting side note: to check to see if it was my computer, the KA6, or both, I plugged it in to two separate computers, each one the KA6 wouldnt produce any audio, It wasnt until about 10 minutes later I finally plugged it back in one more time (I must have hot swapped it more than I can count.) and ta da! It started working like normal. Its almost like something inside of it went out of whack, or got disconnected? Who knows.... still a great interface! Its very stable with my DAW, so live performance shouldnt be an issue I hope.
I dont know how exactly I got it working again, it was almost completely random. However I do know (and this is the case with a lot of other people as well) that my wireless drivers were getting in the way.

So I downloaded the latest drivers for my wireless card (not the software bundle, just barebones drivers) and ta da! So far not a single problem with my KA6.

Not we can only just pray it eventually gets USB 3 support.

By onlysoma on 6th July 2014
User review
Sound Quality
4 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Bang for buck
5 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 4.5
Everything about the unit that Sack said is spot on. It sounds clear as a mic pre for voice using some basic mics and also as a stereo soundcard in from my mackie 1402 vlz-pro with some drum machines and keyboards hooked up.

Just an update for Mac users. I bought the unit when I was still using a 2007 Macbook Pro with 4gb of ram, Mac OSX 10.7.x and it was an upgrade from an EMI 2|6. It ran as well as Logic could. I recently upgraded to a 2013 Macbook Pro, 16gb ram, Mac OSX Mavericks. Everything still runs great. One quirk for when you're not in a DAW but because the KA6 relies on system audio drivers, it locks out the volume keys on your keyboard and forces you to use the big knob on the unit or the application volume in iTunes, youtube, etc. Not a real problem, just something to note.

I had some trouble with dropped audio when I first got the unit and assumed it was a driver problem. It turns out that it doesn't respond well to some long USB cables. There was a warning buried somewhere on the NI website. I replaced my 3+ meter cable to 2 meters and haven't had a problem since.

And a big +1 for bus power because in my experience, power supplies (internal or external) are the first things to have problems in small units like this.
By skycaptain on 16th August 2014
User review
Sound Quality
4 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
Bang for buck
4 out of 5
Overall: 4 4
NI Komplete Audio 6 interface

I agree with the above reviews, just thought I would add a quick bit about the build quality.

This thing is built like a tank. It has a mostly metal chassis. I had no problem throwing this thing in my bag with my other gear and using it for my keyboard rig at shows. The knobs feel very smooth, and the large master volume knob on top is not only very convenient and useful, but also built from metal and very sturdy. This thing is built better than many interfaces that are much more expensive.

In my opinion, this is the best interface in its price point for live gigging and traveling.
By Rennie Ash on 30th January 2016
User review
Sound Quality
5 out of 5
Ease of use
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Bang for buck
3 out of 5
Overall: 4.25 4.25
Komplete Audio 6 [2015]

I did end up choosing this as a beginner interface partially due to looks, which are important But it also had more options available than similar interfaces. Take this review from someone who would be just getting started, which can be important.

Upon downloading the new drivers the interface still had issues with cut outs every few minutes. I plugged it into a USB 3.0 port instead and it seemed to work fine. Changing USB buffer size and other options in the Komplete Control panel probably helps too as I found out when using it on a new PC, the latency tester was showing orange and reds, changing the USB buffer size made it all green. On the new PC there weren't any cut outs and it was as easy as plugging in the interface, installing drivers then changing the buffer size (only because the testing showed poor latency).

Sound quality is fine and sounds good. Mic preamps possibly could use some higher gain but it's not too bad. I have yet to use all the features as currently I have connected it to my home theatre amp as I like to switch between different speakers. The studio monitors will have to use balanced outputs though as there is device interference noise coming through the USB connection (possibly also due to the PC or number of power cords or strips).

Build quality is great, it is solid, looks great, is fairly heavy for its size. Precision has been used in the construction as thigns are not wobbly/off centre and the LEDs don't bleed so much as found in cheap devices. USB cable could be longer but then again most people have their PC closer than I do to their work area.

Although you get Cubase LE and Komplete Elements as well as an e-voucher, the price is a little steep compared to the competition in this range if you are simply after a 2x2/4 in/out interface. However since I was after the look, more outputs, top volume dial and a test of the Komplete Elements it will last me a while as I don't have enough things to fill more than 2 inputs anyway. As a beginner user there is no discernable difference in sound quality between this interface and any other reasonable piece of gear (home AV etc).

With the driver issues seemingly fixed this is a great little interface for someone who just has a guitar/keyboard and a mic. I suggest trying a USB 3.0 port as they output more amps and I think this interface may have been slightly too hungry for the USB 2.0 in some cases - maybe it would help with having two mics in the inputs but I don't have 2 mics to test this.
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