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Yamaha 01V96i

Yamaha 01V96i

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 3 Reviews

Digital mixer with built in SPDIF digital i/o,16 channel usb interface and optional extra 16 channels of digital i/o on top of 16 channels of analog i/o and stellar onboard effects and eq available on each channel

27th March 2012

Yamaha 01V96i by peteruno

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.25
Yamaha 01V96i

The Yamaha 01V96i is the latest version of the 24bit Yamaha digital mixer series and is an ideal professional mixer for both studio and post production applications with a small footprint and a big juicy sound. The analog preamps on each channel are rich and the eq extremely musical as are the reverbs and the VCM series mastering effects that are built into the mixer. A very simple and basic Studio Manager software program is available for both mac and PC storage and manipulation of all the mixer functions and configurations and on my mac. the usb i/o popped up immediately on my DAW and I was instantly reassigning a project I had started with a PreSonus Studio One mixer to the i/o of the Yamaha. Since we are talking about the Presonus Mixer I have to say that while there are some very nifty things about the Studiolive series mixers and their seamless integration with the bundled recording software the effects seem cheesy in comparison with the rich and versatile package that comes with the Yamaha 01V96. While I have used Mackie/Tascam/Behringer and Sony mixers in the past I have used Yamaha digital mixers from the 02R to the 01V96 with mlan to the current 01V96i. I was so annoyed with Yamaha when they abandoned mlan (I also have an mlan equipped Motif which gave me 32 channels of seamless digital i/o with the mixer) that I jumped ship, sold the 01V with mlan and tried out the Presonus mixer but the moment Yamaha brought out the 01v96i I read about the next gen. chips they were using, the VCM effects and usb i/o I came back and have been extremely happy thus far. This is a VERY well built and solid piece of hardware, the faders have a solid feel, the software works seamlessly and my DAW (Digital Performer) is running beautifully with it. I only wish I was a Cubase user because Steinberg has the Studio Manager running inside of Cubase rather than as a separate app as I need for DP but its only a minor annoyance. I love the headroom on my mic channels (theres phantom power on every analog channel) and instruments that I can run through powerful and musical sounding onboard effects and not use up any CPU on the computer the way I might with a software plug-in. I'm also a dedicated Macbook pro user so even though I have 16 gigs of ram and a quad core processor when I'm running a large library on Kontakt and a few Spectrasonics instruments its nice to route them through eq's and effects on the 01V96 and not get bogged down.

27th June 2012

Yamaha 01V96i by Hammer v2

  • Sound Quality 4 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
Yamaha 01V96i

Here is the production monkey's guide to the 01v96i.

I work in a radio station making ads. Two months ago an 01v96i landed in the middle of my tiny studio.

I quickly got to work running it through its paces. Not because I was excited to recieve a shiny new mixer, but because a had work that needed to be completed NOW.

I'd like to go on about how it sounds warm and bright blah blah....the fact is that it's pretty much neutral. Everything is clean, and faithfully reproduced....but there is no colour anywhere. The 01v96i doesn't have a doesn't add anything special to your mix and that, my friends is what makes this mixer so wonderful.

The 01v96i happily sits in the middle of your studio and does everything so well, that you won't even know its there.

Take for example, connecting it to your computer. Its one USB cable. Done.
Down that USB cable travel a few midi ports and 16 channels of audio (in and out). The drivers are solid. I haven't seen a crash in two months. Latency is fine (much improved with the 1.6.2 drivers) and er...well it just works...

The mixer itself is standard Yamaha fare, if you've used one, you've used them all. Everything is where you expect it to be and there's tonnes of stuff to play with (gate, comp and EQ on every channel + 4 great FX units). Oh, the 01v96i has 8 busses too. Anyway, for a small studio or a small live setup it'll have everything you need.

The mixer is also built like a tank. Most Yamaha mixers have been for the past decade and they've used the same construction for the 01v96i. The main failing with Yamaha digital mixers has been the old screens which generally need to be replaced every few years. Yamaha have ditched the old screens with this mixer (actually i think they did it a generation ago) and replaced it with a boring LCD screen, pretty much a larger version of what you'd find on an original gameboy. It's not as bright as the old screens, but hopefully it will last a lot longer - if not forever. Anyway, it's not really a big loss. The screen they have used gets the job done just fine.

There's also a remote layer on this mixer so you can use it as a control surface. I've set it up for use in Protools and it works OK. In Protools it is restricted to HUI mode which is OK for basic fader and pan automation of a few tracks, but honestly not much else. If your DAW supports Mackie control, apparently things get a lot better. Anyway, seeing as I'm only doing radio work, HUI mode is just fine.

There's 32 inputs in this desk covered by 16 analogue ins (12 mic pres + 4 line ins), an ADAT port, a cardslot and 16 in and out you can get from USB. All the analogue ins have inserts too which is a nice touch.

The one gaping hole in this mixers feature set is the lack of a monitoring section and talkback. While they were throwing everything else into this mixer, it would have been nice to add this feature as well but I guess they were building this mixer to a price and something had to give.

Which does bring me to the price. You can pick one up for around $2600.

This is insane. This mixer replaces so many things in a small studio (except the damn talkback..) and does so brilliantly. Day in. Day out. It has saved us thousands of dollars. That's why we bought it, and I reckon a lot of other people will too.

The real winners here though will continue to be the live sound guys, who have bought squillions of 01vs in the past and will clearly keep doing so well into the future....

If you do live sound or are thinking of setting a small studio...check it out.


30th August 2012

Yamaha 01V96i by chrizzle

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Yamaha 01V96i

As i'm sound engineer, producer and musician, i needed a new heart 4 my studio, live mixing, location recordings, rehearsing and many more..

so i decided to go with the 01v96i, because it would replace a lot of things in my studio and seemed to be a good, affordable choice 4 me.


over 2 months i've used it for lots of different things now

1. The heart of the studio:
The 01v96i is, as the last review already told, NOT sounding. and thats what i need, decent preamps with a lot of gain and not much noise, because, if i need color, i'll take it from my outboard preamps, that are connected via line or adat, or i insert one of my eqs after the desk's preamps.
i can run my synths over the midi outs and recording nearly all of them at the same time.
i can do good monitoring for the musicians in the recording rooms. And you shouldn't underestimate, how important it is, when a musician has it's own monitor mix.. reverb - here you are - vocals compressed - u can have it, a little more topend on my voice - if that's what u need..
yes, there is no talkback, and i'm also missing it too, but there's a workaround by just using any old micpre with some dynamic mic (with a switch if possible) and connecting it to any line in, routing it just to the auxes and thats it.. ok.. u'll lose 1 channel, but if you run anything through expansion or adat or spdif, this doesn't matter, cause you can't transfer more than 16 channels anyway..
The driver hasn't crashed yet and as far as I can say, the AD/DA converter quality is really very good. and if you need better - connect a lynx through adat or aes/ebu i.e.

2. Rehearsing
The Mixer has about 15 kg and is really easy to carry around. so if I've got a rehearsal in my recording room, i'll take the desk there, put the laptop to the side and have the possibility to rehearse with eq+dyn etc on every channel and recording it with 16 tracks.
that's really powerful during rehearsing, because u can check if something grooves/works immediately in superb quality and give every musician a bounce afterwards and you'll never forget an idea...
the cubase AI6 that comes with it is also nice, because even if it's a small version, you have lots of possibilities like 16track recording and you don't need a dongle and that means u cannot lose your dongle.

3. Live Mixing
The 01v96 is industry standard mixer, so nearly every technician knows it. I know that not everybody likes it (for some there are too many submenus and the touchscreen is missing), but you'r really fast into it.
SO, when we i'm travelling to a location where i don't know, which mixer they have, if there are dynamics there etc etc, I'll take the 01v96i with me and can be sure, that we can achieve the best solution.
A nice option is also, to put a laptop to the side and use it for
-The Studio manager (quicker configuration)
-Metering (sadly the 01v96 has no hardware meter bridge)
-freq analyzing (sadly u can't route the solo bus to usb in, but u can use the monitor outs to onboard line-in i.e.)
-multitrack recording
-insert vst plugins

4. location recording
since the desk isn't too heavy, u can take it+laptop+headphones and whatever u need more and have a portable professional 16track studio around with you.


+sound quality
+converter quality
+recall options
+everything else i mentioned in the review

-no optional meter bridge (only software)
-no sidechain in in compressor
-no talkback
-solobus not routable
-no lamp connector

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