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Heritage Audio BritStrip
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1 week ago

Heritage Audio BritStrip by camblackofficial

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  • Overall: 5
Heritage Audio BritStrip

** I originally posted this Review in the New Product Announcement Page but glad I can finally post as a Review**

I've had this unit for about a week and it is my first piece of outboard gear. I tracked through this unit with an Austrian Audio OC818 and a Slate ML1 (Mainly for comparison) as well as processed tracks previously recorded with the Slate ML1 and Virtual Preamp/Mic. I have to say this preamp is a drastic change sonically giving everything you put through it weight and richness, both of which don't mean anything but after experiencing you will find yourself saying. I now know this as that famous "Ne**" sound (Can I say it? Maybe I should refer to it as "British"). I've had the feeling of déjà vu multiple times like I was sitting in the recording of some of my favorite songs on the radio (Does the Radio still exist?). It feels like you are in the room with each recording put through it.

With that being said I have never heard a real "British" Preamp so I am not an expert on the sound. This unit does have it's own "sound". I was curious how this would compare to the Silver Bullet as a line-level processor so I strapped Access Analog across a lifeless track to compare the two. I have to say with and without different configurations including EQ ON/Off, Compressor ON/Off, High Pass Filter ON/OFF as a line-level processor the Silver Bullet achieved a very similar tone but was a bit more detailed IMO. I think this is the nature of the design as one is purported to be "50 YEARS OF ANALOG DESIGN IN ONE RACK SPACE" and the other created to "INFUSE MISSING ANALOG MOJO INTO YOUR YOUR DIGITAL WORLD" so I think the Heritage Audio Brit Strip delivers on exactly what it purports. Additionally, how it operates as a line-level processor is not a full representation of how it sounds as a Mic Preamp.

All in all, this is a great channel strip especially if you want that Vintage "British" sound with modern updates. I would highly recommend it for anyone recording acoustic instruments and vocals. As much of what I record is digital other than vocals, I'm still determining if the particular sound of this unit is what I want. It still deserves a 5-star IMO if I were able to give it a review. Also please GS let me post this as a real review!!!

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