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United Plugins Orbitron
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Orbitron is a multi-modulation tool made by JMG Sound's Jason Gibbins (Author of Transmutator or Hyperspace). It's complicated, but it is super-cool and unique. Basically, Orbitron lets your sound travel through areas of influence of four modulation effects.

4 weeks ago

United Plugins Orbitron by udizisser

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United Plugins Orbitron

This plugin is a multi modulation effect. It offers 4 selectable FX and a central mix modulator that blends between them in various ways.

Will select from 12 modulation FX. The 2 horizontal sliders (under the 3 knobs) control the character of the currently selected mode, they are exclusive to each mode. How they behave will depend on the selected mode. Below is a description of each mode and the associated character controls.

Depth - Controls the amount of effect. When at 0% the FX engine is automatically bypassed to save CPU. Note this is not a simple Dry/Wet of the FX, rather it controls the actual strength of the FX. This is visually represented by the spinning coloured dot.

Rate - Controls the speed of the modulation. This is visually represented by the spinning coloured dot.

Width - This creates differences in the left and right channels. This is achieved differently for each mode, although mostly by offsetting the modulation phase, at 100% they will be 180 degrees out of phase.

Solo - Will disable the 3 other (non-solo) FX. This has 2 main advantages. First, it can allow you to more easily hear how that FX is changing the sound, which is more difficult when mixed with the other 3 FX. Second, it can be left permanently engaged to create a single FX. This will massively save on CPU and will be faster to set up if for example you just need a simple chorus. There are presets categorized as "Solo" for this exact reason.

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