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Triad-Orbit Mic Stands Triad-Orbit

Triad-Orbit T1 Tripod Stand System

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Absolute Flexibility

11th May 2020

Triad-Orbit T1 Tripod Stand System by Paul Ryan

  • Sound Quality N/A
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 3.25
Triad-Orbit Mic Stands Triad-Orbit

Triad-Orbit makes stands that can be used for microphones, cameras and other items. (I believe the company also sells the famous Starbird which is a bigger model more akin to Latchlake stands). The Triad-Orbit series is very good, very high quality. I purchased the T1 stand, the longer boom arm and their 02 double boom arm. My interest is for microphones. In the future possibly will purchase another stand. The Triad (stands), and Orbit (arms) is an interesting concept since you basically "build your stand" to suit your needs. Pay as you play. So for example if you have a small studio maybe you buy a shorter stand and a shorter boom arm, A major studio might want their larger equipment (I am in between). One thing I learned early on is you need to really study the parts for your own situation. Its not like buying a mic stand it more like a matching process to get what is right for you.

The TO equipment is not not cheap but worth the money when you consider the flexibility and sturdiness they offer. Besides the 'build your own' concept there are two other main attributes these stands offer that are worth a mention. At the core of the system where the stand and mic meet is their "quick change coupler". Its a small unit which screws into your mic then clips onto the boom or stand. If you have ever tried to balance an expensive mic in one hand while trying to screw it into the stand with the other-all the time trying to get the first turn to catch the thread, you will appreciate this feature. Its so easy to mount a mic, its almost silly how simple and functional this is. The second big feature of these stands is their sturdiness. They are heavy, and sturdy. Unlike garden variety stands like K & M, the TO stands are substantial. Once a mic is mounted it wont move, and I've used mine with mics such as my RCA 77, and some TLM's with no problem. There are other features which are worth checking out such as movable legs that lock in place, some pretty firm boom twist grips and more. If you are looking to move up from mid range stands to a product with more heft and flexibility, check out Triad-Orbit.

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