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Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro

Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro

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Class leading room correction and monitor management

15th April 2020

Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro by Slange00

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro

Background & Use Case
I mainly produce electronic music and do mix downs. I do not master, I only work on stereo content. I purchased the Trinnov ST2 Pro to help me improve the monitoring quality in my small studio. My studio is a 10x10x8 dedicated space with good sound treatment. Nevertheless , the space had a lot of remaining acoustical issues across the frequency spectrum. I ran out of space for additional treatment, so started to look for different solutions.

I purchased the Trinnov ST2 from VK given their generous return policy, expecting that I would likely return the unit given the significant price tag. I almost threw in the towel after my initial couple hours with the unit. Setting up the Trinnov is not simple, UX design and clear manual writing are not the strengths of this company. It took me a few hours to understand how to connect to this headless unit , figure out exactly how to configure the system for my speakers. I hadnt fully connected one of the output XLRs to the unit and it took me nearly an hour to correlate the odd error message I was getting to the root cause here.

Since figuring out the setup I have taken more than a dozen of measurements and calibrations. Calibrations are as simple as connecting the Trinnov mic to the analog inputs, placing the Trinnov measurement mic at your listening position, turning it on, press calibrate, listen to the calibration tones, then pressing compute and voila a frequency and phase response measurement of your listening space is complete with remediating filters and graph

Room Correction Results
The overall results were immediate and impressive. Where I previously had issues with my sound stage and image depth, the Trinnov corrected the phase relationship between my speakers and sub . The perceived frequency response at my listening position is significantly improved, as well as correcting various room response issues. Trinnov makes it easy to compare , allowing you a single button bypass/calibration off option - and once compared there was no going back for me. The difference was strikingly obvious. Note my use case is somewhat unusual in that I dont have a purpose built studio room, but had to custom treat an existing relatively small room in a house, with the help of this system I finally have reasonable monitoring!

Overall Sound Quality
The sound quality (for monitoring at least) seems outstanding. Note : all the correction requires processing time (usually between 25-40ms), so it is necessary to bypass this unit (with a simple click in the UI) to do live recording work.

Power Tips

  • If you get the error "Crest Factor too low" this may point at a connection problem from the Trinnov to one of your monitor speakers
  • Mute the Trinnov system during calibration, the test sounds will still play but if you forget to turn off the mic after calibration you will end up in feedback hell
  • If reaching behind your monitors to lower the volume for calibration is tough, you can also lower the output db of the Trinnov system itself, I usually measure at -15db
  • Trinnov allows the user to route output signals via analog or digital outs, mixing and matching them as needed. I ran two AES outs to my Adam S2Vs (before I got my beloved ATC scm25as). At least for the Adam's presenting them with the digital in from the Trinnov unit seemed to slightly lower the monitor noise level
  • I leave the Trinnov measurement mics input 3-5 connected to the Trinnov ST2 saving some time when doing new measurements, I only have to switch out the analogue ins from the API console

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