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Regular John Recording VCA+BAX BUSS PROCESSOR

Regular John Recording VCA BAX BUSS PROCESSOR

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The RJR VCA is a sonically clean stereo VCA compressor capable of producing little to no compression artifacts. The RJR BAX is an extremely clean stereo baxandall equalizer. It has the ability to mould and shape the tonal balance of source audio while imposing no artifacts or distortion at all.

29th March 2020

Regular John Recording VCA BAX BUSS PROCESSOR by by-tor

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
Regular John Recording VCA+BAX BUSS PROCESSOR

I have been meaning to write a review of this for a long time now so here it is. I use this only for mastering so it is all from that perspective. It is 2 boxes in ...A VCA compressor and a BAX EQ. It is custom made so you can tweak stuff to your liking for your order. The owner is a joy to work with and these units are very solidly built. I have had it for years.

Sound Quality 5/5:

This box gets used on almost every master I do.


It is a VERY clean VCA bus compressor. It sounds better and cleaner than any other SSL type buss compressor I have tried. (I used to mix on an SSL almost daily.) I love how it doesn't mess with the stereo image. It also has two switchable transformers on it so you can have super clean no transformer outs, Lundahl output transformers, or Sowter. You can also daisy chain the 2 transformers together. Each transformer has it's own vibe and all sound great for the right songs. It really does that transparent glue thing super well but can also kinda groove with a song or smash stuff as well. Its a killer VCA comp.


This is a great EQ. super simple and very clean. Its like removing haze from a mix with very little gain needed. Mixes come out more open and clear eveytime. Every time I hit the bypass switch I am blown away by how much this EQ can do and sound so natural and open with TINY gain changes. If you want to peel away layers of gunk from a mix or sweeten the lows in a transparent way this is your guy. Nothing like this available as a plug in. It just sounds amazing.

Ease of use 5/5:

I love how big this unit is and how fast it is to use and re-call. Markings are clear and photograph well. Metering is great. It is fast and intuitive.

Features 5/5:


All the normal features of a VCA type compressor. Well selected attack and release times including auto release. A nice blend feature and 2 transformers and a non transformer balanced out to get some color or stay clean. Ratios down to 1.5. SC filter goes all the way up to 320! Great output gain.


3 band BAX with a high pass filter. Well chosen frequencies with the highs going all the way to 40k for an air band kind of thing. Boosts and cuts are great. Love it!

Bang for buck 5/5:

Even not considering the fact that this was totally custom made and I was able to work with RJR to pick or refine all aspects of the box this thing is an insane value. It sounds great and is super well built. One heck of a value!

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