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Small format analogue mixer.

1st February 2020

MIDAS DM12 by drezz

  • Sound Quality 4 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5

I recently purchased a small Midas DM12 for an 'away from the main studio' home setup. I have to say, I took a little bit of a chance on it as there's so little on the net about them, and the info out there veers from comments like: ''Yeah, sounds good, clean, surprisingly nice'' to the other side of things with: ''Meh, Behringer, meh, Soundcraft rip off, it's not a 'real' Midas... etc, etc''.............

Well, to be honest, i really quite like the little thing. It's quiet. The EQs are use-able, not thrilly, or anything to write home about, and I probably wouldn't use them for any demanding tasks, or colouring things in, but they work and don't sound **** like cheap Mackie or Soundcraft, or even Allen/Heath stuff. A slight step up from that level, but still not as good as 'proper' Midas board, or something costing real money...............maybe that's the point, for the outlay, it's a great, quiet, functional little desk. The pre-amps, again, no frills, certainly not characterful, not really for colour or demanding tasks when you have Neve/Api/tube/clones/Hi-End****, but certainly better than the other stuff on offer for the same price ballpark.

The quality of this board surprised me to be honest. It's a nice, cheapo, little thing, same-ish form factor as all the other little boards in this price range, pretty useful, construction is not too shabby, doesn't feel dodgy, knobs holding up ok under regular use, tight squeeze for those with big hands, but no more than the usual small 12 channel desk. It doesn't really impart any colour or noise, just a pretty straight forward utilitarian thingamybob that sounds decent....................

Hopefully it'll last some time/years before anything fails, I'm not gigging it, and it's just sitting on a table being treated nicely, nothing too rough, but yeah, despite it being MusicTribe/Behringer, which obviously puts it up for taking flak immediately, it does what it's supposed to, and I'm quite happy with it for home use.

For those looking for a cheap little mixer, this looks hard to beat for the money.

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