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Hiby R6 Pro

HiBy R6 Pro

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Robust, large screen, Digital Audio Player (DAP). Perfect for Tidal hi-res streaming/download

21st December 2019

HiBy R6 Pro by Jules

Hiby R6 Pro

After struggling with the slow old Android operating system in my FiiO M9 DAP (now sold) I thought I would try the newer Hiby R6 Pro.

I really like the large screen and brisker function with Android.

Also unlike the FiiO's restricted app download, I can use the Google Play store to download any app.

I had trouble getting the FiiO M9 to play ball with Qobuz (the hi-res streaming service I liked). On the Hiby R6 Pro DAP it was the same old story, slow starting, frustrating freeze ups. So I tried Amazon Music and Tidal. Tidal won - it works the best on this device.

The Hiby R6 Pro is built like a tank its REALLY heavy, this is kind of cool as you always know where it is in your pockets or jacket. I really think you could knock a nail into wood with this!

It has a 4.4mm Balanced headphone out socket - I use this to go to my Empire Ear Nemesis iems.

The sound is great, it's fantastic to think of an album I want and to be able to download it in CD or better (hi-res) quality

A recent update added a global eq function (but I don't use it)

I am using the USB out to feed my living room set up - that works great.

I can recommend it, but I think I will be buying a new DAP every few years.

I will be looking for wide screen and improved screen-touch function - lighter weight would be good.

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