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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 2.1.3

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This review is about the Komplete Kontrol plugin software.

1 week ago

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol 2.1.3 by bace

  • Sound Quality N/A
  • Ease of use 1 out of 5
  • Features 2 out of 5
  • Bang for buck N/A
  • Overall: 0.75
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol

The product idea is very similar to Novation Automap. You create a shell where you run the plugin and have control of it's input and output. NI have taken it one step further than Novation and put more constraints to the plugin so it can know little bit more. This extra requirements are the NKS.

You get a standard way for browsing out presets with sound. It is amazing that it is not part of the plugin format and you need some extra stuff for that. However you also lose a few important things. Komplete Kontrol v2.2.0 is using the obsoleted VST2.4. It is more than 10 years old. Current VST version is 3.6 and has added a lot of features that can not be used with Komplete Kontrol, and if you have a instrument that is VST3 only it can not be used. You also lose Quick Control, Ai-knob and sample accurate automation.

About the plugin it self. It's quite clumpy. It's not obvious how to control it from the querty-keyboard. (It might intentional if you think it should be done form the controller) But it also does not resize and everything seems to be fixated.

I do really like the goal for this plugin. But it has some big drawbacks. It would have been very much better if it had been apart of the DAW and the pluginstandard how it should work. Now they have build a new "standard" on a very old standard.
(Ok, none are really a standard. NKS is closed, but the VST is a open-source project even if Steinberg keeps the rights)

I kicked out the automap after quite short period. I hope that this get updated to modern DAW's environment and get into the VST. Otherwise I guess it will go the same way as the automap.

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