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Behringer HPS 3000

Behringer HPS 3000

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I was very surprised. My experience changed my expensive headphone habits.

14th October 2019

Behringer HPS 3000 by gurubuzz

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use N/A
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  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 2.5
Behringer HPS 3000

I used to only use Sennheiser HD 280s. These Behringer HPS3000 are even good for mixing. I kid you not.

Have you ever tried to mix with HD 280s ? Your mix, guaranteed, will not be balanced right first time with the Sennheisers.

I usually never mix with headphones for the pure reason that it's just not possible to mix for speakers on headphones right? The way I discovered how good these are was during a shift in premises, my new mixing room was not set up, my monitors in storage and Sennheisers in a box somewhere I couldn't find, I has to use these in my emergency. I was very surprised. Sorry but the Behringer HPS3000 actually work for mixing. Sad for all you who spend way too much on Headphones.

For recording/monitoring vocals the spill is negligible. ie: so low you really have to turn up the silent bits by about 35db to hear the music from the headphones in the mic.

Drummers love them. Well, none have ever complained.

When using it for a Bass player that needs it really loud I'd probably hi-pass at 40 or 50htz ...but at normal volumes its fine.

I've had a drummer ask me after a recording, "What are those amazing Headphones worth?" and he was blown away that they are only around $20USD..... Yes 20.

Only problem I found is that if you have too much under 50htz they tend to fart but that's good because it's like a warning alarm that let's you know that your sub frequencies are way way too hot. Oh yeah, and I did receive one pair that was DOA...I think I ordered 3 that time.

My kids destroyed one and I gave one to someone as a well deserved reward for being an awesome human. I think in total I've bought about 6 or 7...all that are still in my possession, except the one my kids destroyed, still work perfectly. (I measure my kids' headphone habits by "hp/m" -headphones per month. I swear I wish I could by ear buds in a 100 meter roll). They physically outlast the 280s.

I'm not saying they are the best in the world but you have to pay many hundreds more to get better imo. If you're getting payed properly by bands you could almost gift each a band member a pair as a bonus....

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