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Advanced Audio Microphones CM800T

Advanced Audio Microphones CM800T

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Advanced Audio's take on the Sony C800G mic, as used by Dr Dre and Eminem

8th July 2019

Advanced Audio Microphones CM800T by Deleted 658776a

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Advanced Audio Microphones CM800T

I don't have any experiences with the real Sony version, but I have heard many records recorded with it and like the sound. At first I was surprised how thin it sounded compared to the AA CM87, a U87 clone, that's no way a fault of the CM800T, I was used to the overly thick sound of the 87, the CM800T is pristine and clean sounding, it's not thin at all in retrospect and actually thick enough to pop right out of the music you put it to, I use it for rap vocals, no instruments. I'm absolutely amazed by the quality I've gotten, nearly 5 years I've spent trying to mix my vocals and was never happy, finally I was happy after mixing the vocals from this, very much so. I gave it 5 stars for bang for your buck cos a real one costs 6 times as much and needs more maintenance I hear. I use mine with the Great River 500NV, it's like a marriage made in heaven, I previously used the BAE 1073, I didn't get a very good sound from that, I was only really amazed by the mic when I got the Great River, the BAE kinda muffles it. It all depends on your voice in the end but it's so good on mine, mine is a deepish, sometimes raspy, growly voice like Everlast. I'm extremely happy with this mic, I highly recommend it.

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